When you think of Ueno, images of the bustling Ameyoko Shotengai, the popular cherry blossom viewing spot Ueno Park, and the giant pandas at Ueno Zoo come to mind. Amid the ever-changing landscape of Tokyo's redevelopment, Ueno retains its nostalgic charm and downtown atmosphere, making it one of my favorite areas in Tokyo.

The area around the station is always lively with tourists and local shoppers, featuring large department stores and modern art museums. With multiple stations within walking distance of Ueno Station and various train lines converging here, access from different parts of Tokyo is excellent.

 Today, I'll introduce six shops where you can savor delicious ramen in this charming Ueno neighborhood.

Japanese Ramen Scene

Ramen has become as popular as sushi and is enjoyed worldwide. Although it may appear Chinese, ramen is actually a Japanese dish. Its roots are said to have begun in Yokohama Chinatown during the Meiji era. Chinese residents in Japan started serving ramen in Chinese restaurants, and it has since evolved uniquely in Japan.

Today, ramen has become a national dish, with instant cup noodles widely available for easy enjoyment at home. Japan has countless ramen shops offering various types of ramen.

Types of Ramen

Ramen comes in many varieties, from basic broths to regional specialties. Besides the traditional shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt), miso, and tonkotsu (pork bone) soups, chicken-based "Paitan ramen"  are also popular standard menu items.

Famous regional ramen includes "Yokohama Iekei Ramen" (a blend of pork bone and soy sauce), "Sapporo Ramen" known for its springy noodles, and "Hakata Ramen" with its milky pork bone broth and thin, hard noodles. Recently, unique and creative ramen styles have been increasing, further boosting ramen's popularity.

Best Ramen Shops in Ueno for 2024

Ramen Kamo to Negi

Kamo to Negi.jpeg

Ramen Kamo to Negi specializes in duck-based ramen. The interior is counter-only but it’s so tidy that first-timers can easily enter without feeling intimidated.

For your first visit, try the signature "Duck Ramen" (860 yen), made only with duck, green onions, and water, without artificial seasonings. It's an elegant ramen with a light soy sauce-based broth and a rich flavor.

The duck, slowly cooked over low heat, has a beautiful pink color and maximizes the umami of the meat. One of the joys of this shop is the monthly changing green onion topping. Towards the end of your meal, adding a bit of yuzu kosho to the soup introduces a refreshing aroma and a different flavor experience.

During hot seasons, the chilled "Duck Broth Tsukesoba" (990 yen) is also recommended.

<Shop Information>
・Address: 6-4-15 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Closed: Open all year
・Phone: 03-6803-2334
・Hours: 9:00 - 4:00
・Official website: https://www.kamotonegi.com/

Mendokoro Hanada


Mendokoro Hanada is a miso ramen shop praised by local regulars. The interior is small but lively.

The ramen, featuring a combination of pork bone and miso broth with a strong garlic flavor, leaves a powerful impression. If you like spicy food, try the "Spicy Miso Ramen" (1,290 yen).The exquisite balance of spiciness, miso richness, and garlic aroma makes it my favorite.

Extra vegetables and garlic are available, and during weekday lunch hours, a half-portion of rice is free, ensuring great value. They also offer miso Tsukemen, rarely seen in other shops. The thick noodles with a firm texture pair well with the rich miso dipping sauce, making it addictively delicious.

<Shop Information>
・Address: 1F Ueno Megane Center Building, 6-8-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Closed: Tuesdays
・Phone: 050-5594-4943
・Hours: 11:00 - 22:30
・Official website: http://www.eternal-company.com/ueno.html



KAKASHI is a stylish ramen shop tucked away near Okachimachi Station. With its bistro-like atmosphere, it's easily approachable even for solo female diners or first-time visitors. The charm of KAKASHI isn't just in its ambiance. Here, they serve exquisite ramen using Hinaidori, a brand of chicken known for its quality.

My top recommendation is the "Paitan Shio Ramen" (850 yen). The chicken's umami combined with flying fish stock creates a refined yet comforting flavor. The presentation, with roasted bamboo shoots and sliced lotus root, is adorable and Instagram-worthy.

This shop is especially recommended for those who appreciate Instagram-worthy dishes and a stylish atmosphere.

<Shop Information>
・Address: 6-2-11 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Closed: Open all year
・Phone: Not listed
・Hours: 11:00 - 23:00
・Official website: https://www.instagram.com/kakashi.tokyo/

Tai Shio Soba Touka

Taishiosoba Toka
source:Official X

Tai Shio Soba Touka is a ramen shop located inside atre Ueno, a department store directly connected to Ueno Station. The shop has a spacious, restaurant-like layout with relatively many seats, making it convenient after sightseeing or shopping.

The ramen, lavishly using sea bream and elegantly prepared, allows you to directly enjoy the umami of seafood. The smooth, thin noodles are occasionally accented by yuzu kosho, adding a refreshing touch.

I always order the "Sea Bream Salt Ramen" (960 yen) with the "Special Sesame Sea Bream Chazuke" (580 yen) set. While you might want to drink all of the flavorful soup, save some room in your stomach for the sea bream chazuke. This shop is a must-visit for those who prefer lighter-tasting ramen.

<Shop Information>
・Address: 1F atre Ueno, 7-1-1 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Closed: Follows atre Ueno's schedule
・Phone: 050-5571-0522
・Hours: 10:00 - 16:00, 16:00 - 01:00
・Official website: https://ramen-toka.com/tai_toka

Menya Kokoro

Menya Kokoro

Menya Kokoro is a famous shop for Taiwan-style mazesoba. "Mazesoba" is like a brothless ramen, particularly popular among men. Instead of ramen soup, a sauce is poured over the noodles, which are then mixed thoroughly with the toppings.

Menya Kokoro's signature dish, "Taiwan Mazesoba" (880 yen), features a rich sauce and garlic, offering a satisfying meal while maintaining a refreshing taste thanks to the green onions and Chinese chives. For those seeking even more volume, the "Taiwan Mazesoba with All Toppings" (1280 yen) is recommended. It's a hearty dish topped with pork belly, miso-flavored ground meat, egg, green onions, menma (bamboo shoots), and nori.

It often gets crowded at lunchtime, but it's worth the wait.

<Shop Information>
・Address: 1F, 6-16-9 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Closed: Irregular
・Phone: 03-5834-3651
・Hours: 11:30 - 15:00, 17:00 - 21:30
・Official website: https://kokoro-mazesoba.com/shop_jp/ueno/



Butayama is known for its hearty pork bone soy sauce ramen. There's even a notice for first-time visitors to order either "Small Ramen" (900 yen) or "Mini Ramen" (850 yen) due to the substantial portion sizes. Even as a big eater, I find the small ramen filling. You can customize not only the ramen size but also the number of pork slices, amount of seasoned fat, and garlic quantity.

The thick-cut pork chashu is so impressive that eight slices would hide the ramen completely.

It's also generously topped with cabbage and bean sprouts, which is a nice way to get your vegetables. You can also order the ramen without soup for a mazesoba-like experience. While the volume is impressive, the atmosphere is calm, and many female customers visit as well.

<Shop Information>
・Address: 3-17-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Closed: Open daily
・Phone: Not listed
・Hours: 11:00 - 0:00
・Official website: https://shop.butayama.com/detail/111131/


I've introduced six of the best ramen shops in Ueno for 2024. The term "ramen" encompasses a wide variety, from light and refined seafood-based broths to impactful and hearty rich broths, and even mazesoba with its thick sauce to be mixed with noodles.

Ueno is a neighborhood full of cultural attractions and downtown charm. While exploring this area, try these delicious ramen options and find your favorite bowl. By tasting Japanese ramen, you'll understand why Japanese people are so passionate about ramen.