Currently, Japan is undergoing redevelopment on a scale said to happen only once every 100 years, and areas where you can feel the atmosphere of Japan from 50-100 years ago are becoming fewer.

The town of Yanaka is one of the few remaining neighborhoods in Tokyo where you can still enjoy the ambiance of old Japan, as old buildings have been renovated while preserving the feel of that era.

Yanaka has been called a "town of cats" since long ago, as it has many temples and back alleys branching off from main streets, areas where cats have thrived. You can find many cat-themed goods in Yanaka Ginza, the famous shopping street. However, the rapidly increasing cat population has recently become a problem, and the number of stray cats has been declining thanks to the efforts of volunteers.  

This time, I would like to introduce a wonderful cat cafe in Yanaka, the town of cats, where you can encounter real cats.

What is a Cat Cafe?

cat cafe

In Japan, cat cafes where shops keep cats that can roam freely and customers can observe and interact with them are very popular. The first cat cafe opened in Osaka in the early 2000s with the aim of providing a healing space for people who cannot keep pets. Since then, more cafes have opened with the purpose of finding adoptive owners for rescued cats, and now there are around 500 cat cafes across Japan.

For people who want to keep a cat but cannot, cat cafes where they can interact with cats are precious and hugely popular places. As you can feed the cats treats and play with them, it's an irresistible spot for cat lovers! The pricing system is often by the hour, with options like ordering a single drink or an all-you-can-drink deal depending on the cafe. 

What Kind of Place is Yadori Cafe?

A Restaurant Where You Can Spend Time with Rescued Cats

Cats and Coffee
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Of course, there is also a wonderful cat cafe in Yanaka, the town of cats. Yadori Cafe, which opened in 2018, is a cafe and restaurant concept where you can spend time with rescued cats. In addition to serving as a shelter to train rescued cats and find them good forever homes, it always houses around 10 cats.  

As you can get up close with the cats while comfortably enjoying meals and cafe fare, Yadori Cafe is hugely popular even among cat cafe fans, with some saying once you go, you'll be hooked! The friendly owner who clearly cherishes the cats is another reason for its popularity. Many regulars make the trip to visit Yadori Cafe.

Authentic Italian Cuisine to Enjoy

Food Menu
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It's also great that the chef was born in Sicily and you can enjoy delicious Italian food! The meal menu offers pasta, lasagna, Doria rice dishes, and more. There are many dishes using Japanese ingredients and seasonal foods like miso pasta and chilled cabbage pasta. The quirky menu names like "Steaming Hot! Lasagna" and "Watch Out, It'll Be Gone in a Flash! Dangerous Tiramisu" reflect the owner's personality, but the taste is authentic Italian fare! There are also lots of dessert options like tiramisu and chocolate many that it's hard to choose. And they are all rich and incredibly satisfying! The drink menu is extensive too, with great tasting espresso and other coffee drinks to relax with. You may come for the cats, but end up blown away by how delicious the food is too!

How to Visit Yadori Cafe

Entry Process

First, you disinfect your shoes.  
1) Step into a tray lined with a disinfectant-soaked towel.
2) Next, step into a tray lined with a towel soaked in hypochlorous acid solution.  
3) To dry your shoes, step onto a dry cat-patterned mat sprayed with alcohol.

Please follow these steps carefully for the cats' health! After this, a staff member will open the door and guide you inside. (Don't open the door yourself, as it prevents the cats from escaping!)


There are two main pricing plans. The "Intense Plan" is for those who just want to spend relaxed time with the cats, without a meal:
- 1 hour: 1,200 yen with 1 drink 
- 2 hours: 2,200 yen with 1 drink 
(You can order additional drinks for an extra charge)

The other is the "Greedy Plan" for those wanting to interact with cats and have a meal. The "One Drink + One Food" option lets you stay 1 hour, or for a more extended visit the 2,500 yen "Meal Set" or "Tea Time Set" for 2 hours is recommended. There are also 3 hour and 5 hour plans if you want to stay even longer.

Do I Need a Reservation?

Yadori Cafe is popular, so making a reservation is recommended! You can enter without one if there's availability, but weekends are often fully booked.  

You can reserve online or by phone (though the phone may not be answered during business hours, so online is better).

On the day, try to arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time.

Cancellations can be made online until midnight on the reservation date. After that, you'll need to call. If you're over 10 minutes late without notice, it will be treated as a cancellation. Changes to party size and cancellations within 2 hours of the reservation time will incur a cancellation fee, so be aware!

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Things to Be Aware Of

You Can't Enter if You've Visited Other Animal Cafes

To protect the adorable cats at this attractive cat cafe, there are some things you need to follow before visiting. First, avoid any contact with other animals for a few days prior.

Chain cat cafes: Unfortunately, if you've visited another cat cafe or animal cafe in the last few days, you cannot enter.  

As Yadori operates as a cafe and restaurant where you spend time with rescued cats, these precautions are necessary! Cats are delicate and can easily catch illnesses from humans. For the health of the beloved cats, please be sure to follow these rules.

You Can't Enter if You've Interacted with Outdoor Cats

Also, if you've interacted with outdoor cats, including pets, in the last few days, you'll need to refrain from visiting. As Yanaka is known as a town of cats, there are cats walking around outside. If you plan to go to Yadori Cafe, avoid touching any cats you see!

However, as mentioned earlier, the number of outdoor cats has actually declined in recent years. Due to the overpopulation of stray cats nationwide in Japan, volunteer groups have been neutering cats, and more places like cat cafes have been taking in rescued cats, so there are fewer cats roaming the streets these days.  

This is another reason why cat cafes where you can interact with cats have become so precious.

Be Mindful of Strong Scents

Again, cats are very delicate creatures. They are clean animals that dislike strong smells. So when visiting Yadori Cafe, avoid wearing extremely dirty clothing or shoes.

Also refrain from visiting if you have a strong scent of perfume, fabric softener, or cigarette smoke on you.  

Even with a reservation, entry may be refused in such cases.

It's all for the sake of the cats. If you're a cat lover, it should be natural to avoid anything that may
Here's the continuation of the English translation:

It's all for the sake of the cats. If you're a cat lover, it should be natural to avoid anything that may cause the cats stress. Let's cooperate and steer clear of other potential issues besides strong scents!

Access to Yadori Cafe

Yadori Cafe is located at 3-15-1 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

It's about a 10-minute walk from JR Nippori Station. 
Exit the west gate of Nippori Station, go down the famous "Yuyake Dandan" sloping road, and walk along the 170-meter-long Yanaka Ginza shopping street. As you go, there will be a bag shop on your right - turn right at that corner. Walk along that road for a bit until you see a road turning left. Take that left turn, and you'll soon see a one-story building with a lodge-style facade on the right - that's Yadori Cafe.


- Address: 3-15-1 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
- Phone: 03-5809-0864  
- Hours:
    Monday & Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 12:00 - 21:00
    Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 10:00 - 20:00
- Website: