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Is this really Japanese sake? It is unique while tasting fabulous! Check out the "taxi driver"! (w/Photos)

source: nomooo Hello everyone. Are you drinking unique sake? For those who have never had it, there is a drink we would think you should definitely give a try. That is the "taxi driver" made by Kikuzakari Brewer in Iwate Prefecture. What's "taxi driver"? source: nomooo

Is it true that cheap alcohol will make you feel sick? About the relationship between cheap alcohol and sickness. (w/Photos)

source: nomooo We are already half way through December and the end of the year has finally come closer. You might have more opportunities to buy cheaper alcohol for not having much money as you have been going to many drinking parties, and end up getting sick from drinking. We

Asked liquor specialist. How to enjoy "Healthy alcoholic beverage series" of Yomeishu at home. (w/Photos)

This time I'll tell you about herbal alcoholic beverage which I recommend to women or young people. I asked for a bartender who has been working for more than 40 years on "Simple arrangement that you can do at home" with explanation of taste. What is Healthy alcoholic

Absolutely do not drink!? The Top 10 of most high alcohol content alcoholic beverage in the world (w/Photos)

When someone ask about beverage with a high alcohol content, many people will answer "vodka" or" Tequila". Chugging tequila…going to be a headache almost for sure. Because these two beverage content alcohol 40% ! Most of Japanese can't drink high percentage alcoholic beverage so that these

"I want to drink once in my life "premium shōchū" 10 selection! Introducing excellent ones.

Hello! Do you drink premium shōchū? I seldom drink them. (haha) Because it is difficult to get or too expensive. So that you can't drink them easily, don't you think so? However, if you enjoy it on a special occasion such as party, it will make that time even more

"I'm an Instagram beginner". My sake labels collection for "instagram worthy".

Hello everybody! I'm a writer Lee Kojima. source: nomooo I finally started an Instagram. (applause!) Don't you often hear about "insta worthy", do you? When someone takes a picture, everyone says "Really insta worthy!" So that I started using it too. But! I cannot take "

"Top 10 ranking of Recommended super high price sake" (w/Photos)

When you drink sake, what price do you choose? Usually many people enjoy sake with reasonable price and sometimes order a little bit expensive one. But…don't you want to try super high price sake? So, today we'll show you recommended super high price sake that once you want to