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Hello, my name is Shoto! I’ve lived in and traveled many countries. Through the experiences, I saw a lot of different cultures and customs, and that made me realize how unique Japanese culture is.

Best 5 “must see events” guide in Kanagawa for March 2018 (w/Photos)

Enjoy Kanagawa near Tokyo. It’s easy to make a day trip. There are many tourist spots such as Yokohama, Kamakura in Kanagawa. Besides there are many places to visit. Museum, amusement park, historical monument, Chinatown and others. We’ll show you about events that held at Kanagawa in March.

Best 10 Guide to Must-See Events in Tokyo March 2018

Tokyo is a popular destination amongst tourists with many sightseeing spots. You can also get a glimpse of the latest fashion and culture in this city. Tokyo also hosts various events and festivals. In this article, we’ll introduce recommended events and festivals that you should attend in March. You’

Top 5 Must-See Events in Hokkaido February 2018 (w/Photos)

We would like to introduce events that are unique to Hokkaido, where temperatures plunge below zero and snow mounds high. In Hokkaido, visitors can go see ice statues made from the plentiful snow or revel in beautiful installations featuring snow and candles. Alternatively, visitors can soak in hot springs, born

Best 5 “must see events” guide in Shikoku for February 2018

We’ll show you “must see events” in Shikoku for February. Shikoku consists out of four prefectures. An area filled with nature where you can enjoy mountains and sea, traditional Japanese culture in the form of temples and shrines. We’ll show you events about the preparation for spring called

The 10 best popular events in Kyushu - Feb. 2018

We will introduce the events held in February that we want to recommend. Especially, the Setsubun is one of Japanese traditional custom that held in spring season. At the first sight, you might be confused that people picked up the beans thrown, it is fun. There are another enjoyable events

Karaoke 47 |Nishi Shinjuku – The Best Selection of Karaoke in Shinjuku (w/Photos)

Even at night time, Shinjuku is so light and lively crowded with many people. It is because that there are many bars and Izakayas open till morning, many events and night shows are held at several places. Drinking, singing, and shopping, we can enjoy night life of Shinjuku in several

ONE COIN BAR CHAMPION|Shinjuku San-Chome – The best selection of Karioke in Shinjuku. (w/Photos)

When you want to enjoy night life in Japan, you should go to Shinjuku. There are many bars and Izakaya open overnight, even various kinds of events and shows are held everyday at each night club. Japanese popular amusement, Karaoke are also available at many places. Today we will introduce