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I'm Sena, a director of Magical Trip. I love the experiences in coffee shops and Japanese Izakaya with my friends. I often go and enjoy them in Tokyo around twice a week, so I will introduce them!

Kyoto's 5 Most Spectacular Traditional Matsuri in 2024!

Discover Kyoto's spectacular traditional matsuri in 2024! From the grand Gion Matsuri to enchanting lantern festivals, experience the city's rich cultural heritage through these vibrant summer and autumn celebrations.

What is Miso Soup, an Essential Part of Japanese Cuisine?

Miso soup: Japan's soul food. Rich in variety, it blends miso, dashi, and diverse ingredients. Easy to make, nutritious, and symbolic of Japanese cuisine. A must-try for tourists exploring Japan's culinary culture.

Kyoto: Events & Festivals in August 2024

Experience Kyoto's August 2024 events: Gozan Okuribi fire festival, Tanabata at Kitano, Nagoshi Shinji ritual, lantern floating, digital art at Nijo Castle, and traditional pottery fair. Enjoy culture, respect local customs.

Enjoying the Sleepless City of Shibuya! Recommended Night Tours

Discover Shibuya's vibrant nightlife with guided tours! From bar hopping to food tasting and photo shoots, explore iconic spots and hidden gems. Experience the sleepless city's energy after dark with expert guides.

Recommended Kyoto Food Tours to Fully Savor Kyoto's Culinary Delights

Discover Kyoto's culinary delights with food tours! Explore markets, taste local dishes, and experience tea ceremonies. From night foodie tours to bar hopping, these guided adventures offer unique insights into Kyoto's rich food culture.

Kyoto: Must-See Attractions You Can't Miss!

Discover Kyoto's must-see attractions in 2024: ancient temples, historic streets, and culinary delights. From Kiyomizudera to Nishiki Market, experience the city's timeless charm and rich cultural heritage. Plan your visit now!

Shibuya Cafe Special Feature!

Discover Shibuya's vibrant cafe scene! From classic spots to unique themed cafes, enjoy stunning views, delicious sweets, and late-night parfaits. Experience the essence of Tokyo's youth culture in these diverse cafes at Shibuya.