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Takashi Nakadomari

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Hi, I'm Takashi. I know a lot about the coolest spots in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, and I love sharing their charms with you. My hobby is visiting theme parks. You can find me at one every weekend!

Explore Yanaka Ginza: One Day of History and Local Food

Experience the charms of Yanaka Ginza in one day. An itinerary to fully enjoy the historical spots, local street food, Japanese restaurants, and surrounding areas. Perfect for travelers seeking a unique local experience.

Top 6 Old Neighborhoods in Tokyo: A Trip to Local and Traditional Life

Tokyo still has shitamachi (old town) areas where so many people once lived, allowing you to experience the city's culture and history. I will introduce the charms of these areas that retain traditional streetscapes of Tokyo.

2024 Yanaka Ginza Best Street Food, Must-Visit Japanese Restaurants & Cafes

This guide introduces the best street food and Japanese restaurants in Yanaka Ginza, where the old streetscapes of Tokyo remain. Experience the local food culture of Tokyo and savor the culinary charm of Yanaka Ginza.

Yanaka Ginza Guide: Experience the Local Life in Tokyo's Old Neighborhood

Yanaka Ginza is a nostalgic neighborhood that encapsulates the retro charm of old Tokyo. This guide will help you experience the local life in this cat-loving area with its retro townscape.