Shibuya, famous for its Scramble Crossing and Hachiko statue, became a representative "youth town" when the shopping mall "PARCO" opened in 1973, attracting many young people.

It naturally became a place where people pursuing various dreams gathered, and art and music also flourished. Now, with the increase in museums and live music venues, it has become a town that attracts not only young people but also adults.
Recently, it has shown a new side by becoming the setting for "Jujutsu Kaisen" and other works.

Shibuya is also famous for its continuous change. Since 2000, a decades-long redevelopment project has started. Without losing momentum, it continues to evolve further. I visit Shibuya every few months, and each time I go, various shops have been renewed, so it never gets boring.
Shibuya, where people gather, has many Izakayas and bars.

This time, I'll introduce a restaurant called "Goryonsan" where you can enjoy authentic Hakata cuisine in Shibuya.

The Food and Drink Situation in Shibuya

About 240,000 people live in the Shibuya area. The population density of residents is about 13,000 people, which is actually low for Tokyo, but about 500,000 people come to Shibuya every day for work or shopping, so it's very crowded during the day.

To satisfy the stomachs of so many people, there are plenty of restaurants, numbering over 4,000! With various preferences, Japanese, Western, and fusion restaurants of all kinds are busy operating daily.

Many Izakaya bars are open 24 hours, so even those who want to drink late at night can enjoy themselves without worry.

There are also many innovative and unique shops that are uniquely Shibuya, which continues to change and challenge itself, such as restaurants where you can fish from an in-store tank and have your catch cooked, or shops designed to look like schools.

What does the name "Goryonsan" mean?

In such a Shibuya, I'd like to introduce a restaurant called "Goryonsan" where you can enjoy the cuisine of Hakata, the urban area of Kyushu's Fukuoka. "Goryonsan" is a Hakata dialect term meaning "a reliable housewife who protects the home."

In Hakata, there have been many merchants since the past, and it's common for guests to visit homes. The housewife of such a home would serve food and drinks to visitors, and when men went out to participate in Yamakasa, a large traditional festival in Fukuoka, she would stay behind and firmly protect the home.

Such very reliable housewives have been called goryonsan since olden times. Recently, it seems that "goryonsan appreciation parties" are being held to show gratitude to these women. Isn't that wonderful?

Recommended Points of Goryonsan

You can eat authentic Hakata cuisine

Hakata dishes

Hakata cuisine is addictive once you try it! I love it too, and it's full of dishes that I can't stop eating once I start.

First, you should try Fukuoka's famous Hakata ramen! It's characterized by a milky white broth made from pork bones, combined with ultra-thin noodles. It's rich but not cloying, so when I went, almost everyone ordered Kaedama (extra noodles).Being close to the sea, the seafood is also delicious, and mackerel is famous. The goma saba, which is fresh mackerel marinated in a sauce containing sesame oil, is also exquisite.

Another essential part of Hakata cuisine is mentaiko, which is also one of my favorites. It's made by pickling pollock roe in chili pepper and aging it slowly. It goes well with rice, ramen, and alcohol, so once you start eating it, you can't stop - it's an "addictive menu item."

A hidden gem of a restaurant


At "Goryonsan," you can enjoy authentic Hakata cuisine while in Shibuya!
It's a hidden gem known to those in the know, with an entrance in the basement that might confuse first-timers.

The interior is always full and very lively. There are also private rooms surrounded by concrete with a calm atmosphere, giving it a full hidden gem feel.The staff is very energetic and friendly, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a fun mood.It's perfect for having a good time with friends, and also great for dates.

It's so comfortable that you can occasionally see people enjoying meals alone.It's a wonderful restaurant that satisfies various needs.

Reasonable pricing

It's also nice that the prices are affordable!Most of the dishes I'll explain later are around 200-700 yen per item. Some skewers are even in the 100 yen range. Please order various items to share with everyone and taste a wide variety.

Drinks are mostly around 500-600 yen per glass, with a wide variety including beer, fruit-based sours, sake, shochu, and even wine! I often end up ordering too much, but when the bill comes, I almost always think, "Is it really that cheap?"

There are also all-you-can-drink course options starting from 4,500 yen, so you can relax even if you have a set budget.Another big attraction is that otsumami-cabbage is free and refillable!

Recommended Menu at Goryonsan

Vegetable-wrapped Skewers

Yasai Maki
source Tabelog

Let me introduce some of the recommended menu items at "Goryonsan."
First, I recommend eating the vegetable-wrapped skewers as an appetizer! It's great to have such menu items, because vegetables are easy to lack when eating out.

These are skewers made by wrapping fresh vegetables with domestic pork belly and grilling them slowly. Before ordering, they show you an impressive display, which excites you and whets your appetite.

At Goryonsan, they use fresh vegetables picked every morning. Thanks to the steam-grilling cooking method, the umami is concentrated. The combination of fresh vegetables and crispy grilled pork belly is perfect!

You can also enjoy the firm texture, and when you chew, the deliciousness spreads in your mouth. Among them, my recommendation is the Goryonsan specialty, lettuce wrap. The Hakata-produced Hakata Man negi (green onion) grill is also a must-try!If you're unsure, you can order an assortment first and then add more orders.

Hakata Grilled Skewers

source Tabelog

For those who want to eat a lot of meat, please check out the Hakata grilled skewer menu!Various parts of mainly pork and chicken are skewered and grilled slowly to the most delicious degree.

The first thing I want you to try is the grilled pork belly! It's also used in the vegetable-wrapped skewers, but the pork belly skewer on its own is amazing with a different flavor profile.

There are many other attractive options, such as Goryonsan's special tsukune (meatballs) made by mixing minced meat and vegetables with a secret blend of ingredients, and sasami (chicken tenderloin) which is light and healthy!

Hakata grilled skewers are seasoned with salt and are very delicious on their own, but regular customers enjoy them by also dipping them in Goryonsan's secret sauce for a flavor change!Please enjoy each menu item twice.

Hakata Motsu Nabe (Offal Hot Pot)

Motsu nabe

And for the main dish, it's Hakata motsu nabe!A hot pot is a healthy and balanced Japanese dish where you eat vegetables and meat cooked in plenty of savory broth.

"Motsu" refers to beef innards, and first-timers might be a bit surprised by its appearance. However, its juiciness and the exquisite balance of meat flavor and sweetness is unique to "motsu," and once you eat it, you'll be hooked.It's cooked in a pork bone broth also used in Hakata ramen, with plenty of chives and cabbage, making it nutritionally perfect, and all the ingredients match exquisitely.

And for the finale, ramen is recommended! You can be fully satisfied until the very end.Motsu nabe is actually a very popular dish among Japanese people nationwide. I also periodically crave it and go to eat it with friends every time!

Recommended Usage

As it's an extremely popular restaurant, you basically can't enter without a reservation!Currently, reservations are only accepted by phone. (They don't accept online reservations)

As it's a busy restaurant, the phone often doesn't connect, but please keep trying persistently. If you happen to have a change of plans, you can cancel by contacting them by the day before. Conversely, even if you can't get a reservation initially, cancellations sometimes occur, so keep trying to call until the last minute!

However, during busy times like weekends, there's a 2-hour time limit, so be careful not to be late for your reserved time. If it's your first visit, there's a high possibility of getting lost at the entrance, so I recommend heading there about 10 minutes earlier than the required time.

Access to Goryonsan

・Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-6-3 Villa First Building Shibuya B1F Nearest
・Station: Various Shibuya Stations

As mentioned earlier, the location of the restaurant is a bit difficult to find, so be careful.

It's about a 10-15 minute walk from each Shibuya station, located in the basement of a building called Villa First Building Shibuya on Miyamasuzaka. You might feel uneasy as there's no sign in front of the building, but when you go down the stairs of the building, there's a copper door, which is the entrance.

Basic Information about Goryonsan

・Business Hours: 17:00~23:30 (Last order for food 22:30, Last order for drinks 22:30)
・Closed: None
・Phone Number: 03-6712-6700

Note: Credit cards are accepted