Shibuya is famous for its youth culture, including fashion and music. Within Shibuya, the area surrounding Harajuku Station and Omotesando Station is known as the Harajuku area. 

Harajuku is one of Japan's premier shopping districts and a trendsetting hub where cutting-edge brands and unique items converge. Takeshita Street, which gave birth to the globally popular "kawaii" culture, is a hotspot attracting many young people from both Japan and abroad. 

Around Omotesando Station, you'll find numerous famous brand boutiques, stylish interior shops, and art galleries. The sophisticated atmosphere makes it enjoyable even for adults like myself.

The Sweet Scene in Harajuku

Harajuku is one of Tokyo's fashion-forward neighborhoods, attracting many trend-conscious locals. With so many fashion-savvy people gathering here, there's also an abundance of stylish sweet shops and cafes.

 In Harajuku, it's a classic move to buy a crepe on Takeshita Street and eat while walking. Whenever I visit Harajuku, I always look forward to choosing my favorite flavor from the many options at the crepe shops.

 Recently, stores embodying Harajuku's "Kawaii" culture with colorful and pop aesthetics perfect for photos have become popular. Just like fashion, sweets in Harajuku continue to evolve daily. 

Today, I'd like to introduce you to one of these sweet shops, "sweet xo harajuku."

What is sweet xo harajuku?

"sweet xo harajuku" is a shop produced by Shinako, a popular Harajuku-style YouTuber among young people. With the theme "Life in Full Color, Full Flavor & Full Fun!", it's a select shop for sweets originating from Los Angeles. 

It became famous for its colorful, Instagram-worthy sweets. The lineup of unique and cute-looking treats is incredibly impactful. 

Even choosing which sweet to get is an exciting experience. By ordering, you can enjoy  not only taking cute photos, but also delicious sweets. As a shop embodying Harajuku's "kawaii" culture, it's sure to be enjoyable for tourists as well.

Signature Menu Items at sweet xo harajuku

Baby Bottle Drinks

baby bottle drink
source:Official X

True to their name, these are photogenic drinks served in baby bottle-shaped containers. The bottles filled with colorful drinks are popular for their cute appearance. 

You can choose from classic soda, non-carbonated white water, or sweet tea as your base drink. The drinks come with fruit jelly that you can choose from three types, offering a new texture sensation different from tapioca when sipped through a straw. 

The refreshing drinks are easy to gulp down, making them perfect for hot days. You can enjoy customizing your own flavor by combining different drinks and jellies.I’m a tea lover, so my favorite is straight tea with refreshing muscat jelly. You can take the baby bottle home and reuse it as a piggy bank or container for small items.

Three-Color Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy
Source: Tabelog

This colorful cotton candy comes in shades of pink, blue, green, yellow, and more. It's extremely popular for its round, fluffy shape and beautiful pastel colors. 

Many people take photos for Instagram and post them. The colorful cotton candy symbolizes "kawaii" and is exciting just to look at. With its impactful appearance, you're sure to attract attention just by holding it. 

Although it's a cute sweet, it's large enough to completely hide a person's face, so it's quite substantial. It's fun to share with friends or family. 

Being able to choose the combination of three colors is another delightful point. Be sure to enjoy your original cotton candy creation.

Poop-Shaped Soft Serve

True to its name, this is a chocolate-flavored soft serve ice cream shaped like poop. Served in a toilet bowl-shaped container, it's a product full of humor and creativity. 

It's particularly popular among children and young people for its fun and cute concept. The impact is so strong that people who see it often do a double-take. Despite its rich chocolate appearance, the soft serve is surprisingly light and easy to eat.

Surprisingly, the poop's eyes and mouth are made of edible candy. You can customize your cute poop with toppings like crowns, rabbit ears, or hearts.

Unicorn Tears (Drink)

Source: Official X

This drink is inspired by the tears of unicorns, familiar from fantasy worlds. As a limited quantity item, it's often sold out due to its popularity. 

When you shake the bottle, the sparkles inside spread throughout, transforming it into a fantastical appearance. I tried it myself and found it so beautiful, like a snow globe, that I almost didn't want to drink it. 

Unicorn Tears have a crisp white grape flavor. You can choose between pink and light blue colors. You can customize your drink to your favorite color by buying separately sold cotton candy and adding it to the drink. 

Why not try customizing your own color and enjoy authentic "kawaii"?

Points to Keep in Mind

No Eating Inside the Store

The store is very small and doesn't have space to sit and eat leisurely. It's recommended to eat outside in an open space or while walking. 

On Takeshita Street, where many shops don't have eat-in spaces, eating while walking is part of the experience. There are many other walk-and-eat gourmet options like crepes, ice cream, and candied fruits, so you can enjoy buying from different shops and eating together. 

It's perfect for efficiently enjoying Harajuku in a short time. Also, Yoyogi Park, with its wide grassy areas and benches, is accessible on foot from Takeshita Street. For items that won't melt quickly, it's recommended to enjoy your treats leisurely in the park.

Crowded on Holidays

As one of Japan's premier shopping areas, Harajuku is visited by many people daily. Takeshita Street, where "sweet xo harajuku" is located, is particularly popular, so the road to the shop is often packed with people.

 It's especially crowded on holidays with domestic and international tourists, so visiting on weekdays is recommended if possible. The shop is also popular, so on holidays, there's often a long line, and it can take over 30 minutes to make a purchase.

 Not only the streets but also the stations and trains get very crowded. If you plan to do a lot of shopping, it's convenient to prepare a bag that can hold everything together, as moving around with many bags can be challenging.

Access to sweet xo harajuku

Address: 1F Harajuku 77 Building, 1-16-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
How to get there from the nearest station:
From JR Harajuku Station's Takeshita Exit, walk straight down Takeshita Street for about 3 minutes. The shop will be on your right. Look for the light blue gingham check sign.

Basic Information about sweet xo harajuku

Business Hours: Weekdays 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Weekends and Holidays 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Closed: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month
Phone: 03-5413-6683
Official Website:
Official Instagram: