Shibuya is known as the epicenter of Japanese youth culture, famous for cutting-edge fashion. There is a world's busiest intersection, the Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

The area also features iconic tourist spots like the Hachiko statue, a popular meeting point at Shibuya Station. With numerous art galleries, museums, and live music venues, Shibuya has a vibrant arts and music scene.Recently, it has become popular as a setting for notable anime series.

As a trendsetter in fashion, art, and music, Shibuya is constantly evolving. Popular among both locals and foreigners, the area is bustling with people and boasts a wide variety of restaurants.

In this article, we'll introduce you to a sushi bar where you can enjoy sushi, one of Japan's representative cuisines, along with a selection of alcoholic beverages.

Types of Sushi Restaurants

Sushi, one of the most popular Japanese dishes, has spread globally due to past Japanese and health food trends. In some countries and regions, sushi has undergone unique evolutions. Examples include vegetarian versions of California rolls in America and cheese-filled variations in France to complement wine.

While sushi restaurants can be found throughout Japan, Tokyo is known for having the highest concentration. Conveyor belt sushi restaurants, where sushi plates travel on a conveyor to reach customers, are popular among all age groups due to their affordability.

On the other hand, high-end sushi restaurants that focus on quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship maintain a strong following. Sushi establishments vary in their offerings, prices, and concepts. Recently, "sushi bars" that offer both sushi and alcoholic beverages have emerged.

What is Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya?

Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya is a sushi restaurant with a unique concept, inspired by the "Sushi Bar Izakaya" originating from Canada.

Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya aims to be an adult hideaway, offering a respite from busy daily life. Their specialty is stylishly arranged, seared sushi. In addition to seafood, they offer dishes that showcase Japanese dashi (broth), such as chawanmushi (savory egg custard) and dashi-maki tamago (rolled omelet).

A distinctive feature of Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya is its extensive drink menu, rivaling that of a dedicated bar. It includes sake, original cocktails, and a wide variety of other alcoholic beverages. The menu also features typical izakaya (Japanese pub) fare like karaage (fried chicken), which is unusual for a sushi restaurant. Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya stands out by combining the best aspects of sushi restaurants and izakayas. With many international tourists visiting, the menu includes English descriptions for a worry-free dining experience.

Highlights of Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya

Luxurious and Relaxing Atmosphere


The interior of Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya, designed by a Canadian designer, features a luxurious and relaxing ambiance. The modern interiors and soft lighting create an Instagram-worthy setting that's sure to satisfy those looking for picture-perfect moments.

The restaurant's logo features an anglerfish living in the quiet depths of the ocean, symbolizing their desire to "create a comfortable place like a gentle light in the darkness of the deep sea." The warm atmosphere makes Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya a popular hideaway spot.

Given its location in Shibuya, the restaurant maintains a casual vibe, attracting young people and tourists. It's ideal for relaxing with friends, partners, or family, or for enjoying some alone time at the bar-style counter seats.

Why not indulge in delicious sushi and drinks in this stylish and clean environment!

Photogenic Dishes


Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya offers a variety of photogenic dishes, including their signature seared sushi, featuring vibrant ingredients and meticulous plating. The mosaic sushi, with its colorful small square pieces arranged in a pattern, is particularly popular for its cute and photogenic appearance.

The restaurant also serves traditional nigiri sushi using fresh seasonal ingredients and elegantly presented sashimi platters. Another impressive dish is the miso soup with a large lobster that extends beyond the bowl. Despite its dramatic appearance, it offers a gentle flavor combining Japanese miso and sweet dashi.

Unlike typical sushi restaurants, Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya also functions as a bar, offering a range of modern izakaya-style tapas dishes.

Japanese side dishes like tempura are also recommended. As the menu varies by day and time, it's advisable to check in advance if you have specific dishes in mind.

Extensive Drink Selection


In Japan, sake is traditionally enjoyed with sushi. Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya offers an impressive selection of regional sake, including some "hidden" varieties not listed on the menu.

Beyond sake, Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya provides a wide range of drinks to complement their diverse menu. Shochu, Japanese whisky, and domestic beers are perfect for those wanting to explore Japanese alcoholic beverages. They also offer Japanese-inspired cocktails using ingredients like yuzu and matcha, as well as a curated wine selection.

My personal favorite is the shiso gin and tonic. The rich shiso (perilla) aroma perfectly complements the refreshing gin and tonic, pairing wonderfully with sushi. With such a varied drink menu, you're encouraged to try different pairings with your sushi.

Soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails are also available for those who prefer not to consume alcohol.

Recommended Menu Items at Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya

KINKA's Finest: Omakase 12 Pieces

omakase sushi

"KINKA's Finest: Omakase 12 Pieces" allows you to enjoy both traditional nigiri sushi made with seasonal ingredients and the restaurant's signature seared sushi. The colorful array of sushi is so elegant that it may leave you speechless.

"Omakase" is a unique Japanese ordering style where you entrust the sushi chef to select the ingredients. You'll be served the chef's recommendations, including the freshest fish available that day. With six pieces each of seared sushi and nigiri sushi, this option is perfect for those wanting to fully experience Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya's offerings.

Remember to inform the staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions when ordering.

Signature Seared Sushi (Blow Torched Sushi)

blow torched sushi

The signature dish at Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya is undoubtedly their seared sushi. Their famous 'ABURICIOUS' combines the words 'Aburi' (seared) and 'Delicious'.

These creative sushi combinations include shrimp with basil sauce and conger eel with sweet sauce. The ABURICIOUS 6, which allows you to taste all six varieties of their seared sushi, is particularly popular. The lightly torched surface of the pressed sushi releases a tantalizing aroma that whets your appetite.

The searing process enhances the high-quality fats in the fish, offering a different flavor profile from traditional nigiri sushi. The colorful sushi pieces are beautifully arranged on stylish plates, making them both visually appealing and Instagram-worthy.



The KINKA Roll is a premium original maki sushi featuring sea urchin, snow crab, and salmon. This luxurious sushi roll uses high-end ingredients, creating a layered taste experience that evolves as you chew.

The lightly seared exterior adds a smoky flavor, while the tobiko (flying fish roe) provides a delightful popping texture. The cucumber adds a refreshing crunch. The roll is beautifully garnished with colorful tobiko, creating a visually stunning dish.

While maki sushi is less common in Japan where nigiri sushi dominates, this style of rolled sushi gained popularity abroad before being "re-imported" to Japan. As it bears the restaurant's name, the KINKA Roll is one of their most popular menu items. Don't miss this modern, luxurious twist on traditional sushi.

How to Best Enjoy Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya

You can make reservations online through the restaurant's official website or by phone. The online reservation page is available in both Japanese and English for your convenience. When making a reservation, you can specify your preferred course menu or simply reserve a table.

Please note that same-day cancellations for course meals incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya is located in one of Japan's busiest shopping districts, often crowded with domestic and international tourists. While walk-ins may be accommodated if space is available, making a reservation in advance is recommended for peace of mind. Reserving just a table allows you to choose your dishes based on your mood and the day's offerings, which is ideal if your plans are flexible.


About 4 minutes on foot from JR Shibuya Station.
Exit from JR Shibuya Station's Exit 3a, pass Shibuya Parco, and cross one more street.

Basic Information

- Hours: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM (Last Order 2:00 PM)
          5:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Last Order 11:00 PM)
- Closed: Irregular
- Phone: 03-6452-5258
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