When it comes to must-visit spots in Tokyo, the Shibuya area with its famous Scramble Crossing stands out. The moment when over 1,000 people cross at once symbolizes Shibuya as the epicenter of Japanese youth culture.

Around Shibuya Station, a large-scale redevelopment project spanning about 20 years is underway, with construction ongoing until its completion around 2028. Shibuya is a city that continues to change and generate new culture.

This bustling area not only boasts numerous restaurants and apparel shops but also has a high concentration of art museums, live music venues, and theaters, giving it an artistic side as well.

In this article, we'll introduce sushi restaurants in Shibuya that are popular among both Japanese and foreign tourists, which you should definitely try.

Sushi in Japan

When it comes to Japanese food popular among both foreigners and Japanese, sushi tops the list. There are numerous sushi restaurants in Japan, with over 20,000 establishments.

Sushi has a long history, with its current form being established over 200 years ago. While sushi was originally enjoyed at street stalls, the way it's served has changed over time. The introduction of conveyor belt sushi was a significant change, making sushi more accessible to the general public at reasonable prices.

There are various types of sushi. These include the representative nigiri zushi (hand-pressed sushi), maki zushi (rolled sushi wrapped in nori seaweed), temaki zushi (hand-rolled sushi that diners make themselves), oshi zushi (pressed sushi made using a box), inari zushi (made with deep-fried tofu pouches), and the visually appealing chirashi zushi (scattered sushi).

My personal favorite is temaki zushi, which can be enjoyed at home parties with family and friends. It's fun to try different types of sushi and find your own favorite.

Please make sure to taste delicious sushi at a Japanese restaurant at least once.

Recommended Sushi Restaurants in Shibuya



SUSHITOKYO TEN is a restaurant with the concept of "a little bit of many seasonal ingredients."

They serve sushi using the traditional Japanese ordering method called "omakase." "Omakase" means entrusting all sushi selection to the sushi chef. They provide a menu composition that only an expert sushi chef can create, including seasonal items and fresh seafood procured that day.

The clean interior and friendly service are also excellent. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, so please visit with an empty stomach. My recommendation is the Uni Nigiri (sea urchin sushi), which is always fresh and flavorful.

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 3-21-3 Shibuya Shibuya Stream 3F, Shibuya 150-0002 Tokyo Prefecture
- Closed: None
- Phone: 03-6427-5076
- Hours: 11:00-15:00/17:00-23:00
- Official Website: https://sushitokyo-ten.com/

KINKA sushi bar izakaya

KINKA suchi bar izakaya

KINKA sushi bar izakaya is a recommended sushi bar where you can enjoy modern and casual sushi. The name includes "izakaya," which refers to a traditional Japanese bar, known for its casual atmosphere and affordable prices.

This restaurant specializes in sushi prepared using a technique called "aburi," where the surface of the fish is seared with direct flame. This is recommended even for those unfamiliar with sashimi or raw fish nigiri sushi. My recommendation is the Anago Aburi Oshizushi (pressed sushi with seared conger eel), which features delicious sweet sauce and fluffy conger eel.

Along with the visually appealing and delicious sushi, please also try the alcoholic drinks with Japanese flavors using tea and yuzu.

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 3-10 Udagawacho ICHIGO Fiesta Shibuya 2F, Shibuya 150-0042 Tokyo Prefecture
- Closed: Irregular
- Phone: 050-5592-6582
- Hours: 11:30-14:30/17:00-23:00
- Official Website: https://www.kinkasushibarizakaya.com/jp/

Sushi sen

Sushi Sen

Sushisen is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic, traditional sushi in a relaxed counter atmosphere. The slightly lowered counter allows you to clearly see the sushi chef's hands at work. Enjoy not only the taste but also the skill of the sushi chef with your own eyes!

The nigiri sushi made right in front of you is characterized by its perfect balance - firmly pressed but gently crumbling in your mouth.

At Sushisen, the sushi served is carefully selected to be the most delicious for each season. While the atmosphere and sushi quality are superb with a sense of luxury, you can enjoy it without feeling too formal.

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 2-19-17 Shibuya No.106 Tokyo building 10F, Shibuya 150-0002 Tokyo Prefecture
- Closed: None
- Phone: 050-5484-9535
- Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30-14:00/17:00-23:00,
    Sat/Sun/Holidays 11:30-14:00/16:00-23:00
- Official Website: https://gf11451.gorp.jp

Sutori-Mukoukashi Ta Sushibuya


Sushibuya has an atmosphere that makes you feel like you've come to a stylish café. Here, they serve delicious sushi while performing entertaining shows for customers.

The "Mango-like cut toro" and "Mango-like cut salmon" are unique and fun menu items that you can't find in traditional sushi restaurants. They dramatically sear thick slices of sashimi used for sushi right in front of the customers.

The alcohol drink menu is also extensive, with a wide variety of sake that pairs perfectly with sushi, and the "Tokuno matcha wari," where matcha is prepared right before your eyes, is recommended. Please enjoy these together.

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 3-21-3 Shibuya Shibuya Stream Hall #A 1F, Shibuya 150-0002 Tokyo Prefecture
- Closed: None
- Phone: 050-5589-4170
- Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-14:00/17:00-1:00,
    Sat 12:00-1:00,
    Sun/Holidays 12:00-23:00
- Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sushibuya_stream/

Sushi Ryu

Sushi Ryu

Sushi Ryu is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Edomae sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. You can taste delicate sushi that only skilled sushi chefs can create, which would crumble if pressed too hard. There are also private rooms, making it suitable for family visits.

What I especially recommend is the comparison of three types of sea urchin selected from all over Japan, including Hokkaido and Aomori. They are all fresh and always delicious.

The medium fatty tuna that melts in your mouth is also a must-try. When you come to Sushiryu, I hope you'll taste its umami and richness.

For lunch, you can also reserve a cake made of sushi. Celebrating a special day with a uniquely Japanese "sushi cake" would make for a great memory.

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 1-15-19 Shibuya 4F, Shibuya 150-0002 Tokyo Prefecture
- Closed: Irregular
- Phone: 050-5597-4631
- Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-14:00/17:00-23:00,
    Sat/Sun/Holidays 12:00-14:00/16:00-23:00
- Official Website: https://gf11418.gorp.jp/

Affordable Conveyor Belt Sushi

Kaiten Sushi Misaki


Misaki is unique among conveyor belt sushi restaurants for using "aka-shari" (red vinegared rice). "Shari" refers to the vinegared rice used in sushi. "Aka-shari" uses aged vinegar and is often served in traditional high-end Edomae sushi restaurants. It's characterized by its mellow acidity and rich flavor, and it's very rare to be able to enjoy this at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

Please enjoy the delicate taste of the combination of seasonal fresh fish directly shipped from Toyosu Market and the aka-shari. The "Honmaguro" (bluefin tuna) that I always want to eat when I go to Misaki pairs perfectly with the aka-shari, allowing you to taste the sweetness of the fat and rich umami.

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 3-17-4, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
- Closed: None
- Phone: 03-6427-2171
- Hours: 11:00-22:00
- Official Website: https://www.kyotaru.co.jp/shopsearch/shop/18296.html

Kaiten Sushi Katsu Katsumidori


"Kaitenzushi Katsu Katsumidori" is a hugely popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant that always has a line. The reason for its popularity is that you can enjoy high-quality sushi at low prices. Although it's a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, sushi chefs make and serve sushi on the spot inside the conveyor belt lane.

The menu is quite extensive, and I always have trouble deciding what to order. However, the good news is that the sushi at this restaurant is relatively small, so you can enjoy many different types.

I highly recommend trying this restaurant's specialty, "Kobore Ikura" (overflowing salmon roe). You can enjoy so much salmon roe that it overflows and can't fit on top of the rice. When I want to fully enjoy delicious sushi at a reasonable price, I choose "Kaitenzushi Katsu Katsumidori."

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Seibu Shibuya Store A Building 8th floor
- Closed: None
- Phone: 03-5728-4282
- Hours: 11:00-22:00
- Official Website: https://katumidori.co.jp/shop/?id=seibushibuya

Mawari-sushi Shibuya Sushitsune

Sushi tsune
source:Official website

Mawari-sushi Shibuya Sushitsune is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant run by a sushi shop with over 70 years of history. It's a restaurant that focuses on procuring fresh fish, allowing you to enjoy delicious Edomae sushi at low prices.

If you can visit between 11:30-15:00, try ordering from the lunch menu offered during that time. You can enjoy about 10 pieces of popular sushi such as tuna, shrimp, and yellowtail, along with miso soup, for around 1,500 yen. The lunch menu features a selection of popular sushi toppings, making it recommended for those who "don't know what to order."

<Restaurant Information>
- Address: 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya PARCO B1F
- Closed: None
- Phone: 03-5422-3140
- Hours: 11:30-22:30
- Official Website: https://www.sushitsune.co.jp/shibuyaparco/
- Official instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sushitsune_shibuya/

Sushi Etiquette

To enjoy sushi more deliciously, let's follow proper manners at the restaurant.

The basic way to eat sushi is to pick it up with three fingers - thumb, index finger, and middle finger - flip it over, dip only the fish in soy sauce, and eat it in one bite. If you dip the rice in soy sauce, it may become too salty or fall apart.

When eating with chopsticks, it's best to dip only the fish in soy sauce in the same way, but if you're not used to handling chopsticks, it might be easier to eat with your hands.

However, there's no need to be too caught up in manners.After checking simple manners beforehand, enjoy fresh and delicious sushi to your heart's content at the restaurant.