Shibuya is the heart of Japanese youth culture, a vibrant place overflowing with diverse fashion and entertainment. It also boasts art museums, live music venues, and clubs, giving it a reputation as an artistic and musical hub.

When thinking of Shibuya's landmarks, many people picture the famous Scramble Crossing. The sight of countless people crossing at once is symbolic of Tokyo itself.

The Hachiko statue, a famous meeting point in Japan, gained worldwide fame through a movie starring Richard Gere. Shibuya is often featured in anime, attracting fans who come to see the streetscapes from their favorite works.

Shibuya has been undergoing extensive redevelopment for years, offering visitors ever-changing cityscapes to enjoy. Popular among both Japanese and foreign visitors, the area is home to numerous restaurants, izakayas, and bars.

Today, we'll introduce CHAOS KITCHEN, a collection of unique dining establishments in Shibuya PARCO.

Shibuya's Restaurant Scene

Shibuya, a gathering place for many, boasts a rich variety of restaurants. With over 4,000 establishments, you can find everything from Japanese cuisine to Italian and Asian restaurants.

As a fierce battleground for restaurants, Shibuya is home to many unique cafes and eateries, making it hard to choose where to dine. I often visit Shibuya and enjoy exploring new restaurants, frequently trying places I've never been to before.

Some restaurants in Shibuya are open 24 hours, allowing you to enjoy all-night dining and drinking. If you're tired after partying until dawn, you can relax at a cafe that's open until morning.


CHAOS KITCHEN is a restaurant floor concept centered around food, music, and culture, located in the basement (B1) of Shibuya PARCO. Shibuya PARCO, which opened in 1973, was primarily a gathering place for apparel brands in the past.

However, in recent years, with the influx of international visitors to Shibuya, it has been renovated into an exciting spot that combines elements of food, art, and entertainment.

CHAOS KITCHEN is the main restaurant floor of Shibuya PARCO. The floor houses a mix of eateries and retail shops, creating a chaotic space true to its name.

Highlights of CHAOS KITCHEN

21 Diverse Dining Establishments

The biggest attraction of CHAOS KITCHEN is the variety of restaurants lined up. You'll find everything from standing udon shops to wild game meat dishes and insect cuisines, and even a MIX bar with women and men waitresses wearing women’s clothes.

It's recommended to explore the floor without deciding what to eat beforehand, discovering what you feel like eating as you walk around. For European visitors, you might enjoy familiar tastes at British-style pubs or beer restaurants serving German cuisine.

With so many restaurants, you can also enjoy desserts at a different place after your meal. My recommendation is "Saryo Suisen," a cafe offering Japanese-style sweets made with Uji matcha. You can indulge in matcha parfaits and matcha lattes.

Mirrors Everywhere! Innovative Floor Design

The ceiling and floor are made of reflective materials, creating a mysterious space where each shop seems to blend endlessly into reflections. It's a CHAOTIC space true to the floor's name, offering a surreal experience as soon as you step in.

The gathering of restaurants and bars on one floor is reminiscent of a modern take on Japanese alleyways (yokocho) often seen in downtown areas. It gives you a feeling of being in a retro Japanese drinking district, similar to Shinjuku Golden Street or Nakano Broadway.

The stylish floor design makes it impossible not to take photos.

More Than Just Restaurants!

CHAOS KITCHEN isn't just about food. For those wanting to experience Shibuya's music scene, the record shop "Union Records" is recommended.

As soon as you enter the shop, you'll be drawn to the records decorating the entire wall. In keeping with the CHAOS KITCHEN theme, album covers related to food are collected. With works from artists of various countries, you're likely to find familiar tunes.

If you're looking for unique gifts, the condom specialty store "Condomania" is worth a visit. Products are packaged to look like cute accessories, making them easy for anyone to purchase.

There's also "Sports Card & Card Game Shop Mint Shibuya," one of Japan's largest trading card shops, with a rich selection of internationally popular cards like Pokémon, NBA, and MLB.

Recommended Shops in CHAOS KITCHEN


source:Shibuya PARCO Official website

After a delicious meal, you might want to go for a drink. In that case, I recommend "Campy!bar," an LGBTQ-friendly bar where anything goes.

Unlike other eateries in CHAOS KITCHEN, drag queens in glamorous dresses serve delicious drinks here. With its colorful and pop exterior and interior, it's perfect for social media photos.

The staff love to chat and toast, so you'll have a great time even on your first visit.

Open until 4 AM from Monday to Saturday and the day before holidays, you can enjoy drinking until morning. With a pay-per-drink system, even those new to Japanese bars can use the place with ease.


Izakaya "Masaka"

source:Shibuya PARCO Official website

Next, I recommend the vegan izakaya "Masaka." They have an English menu with photos, so ordering won't be a problem.

I've been there myself and was surprised by how much the dishes tasted like real meat.

The recommended dish is karaage (fried chicken) made with soy meat. Various sauces are available, such as grated radish, teriyaki mayo, and tartar sauce, allowing you to choose your favorite flavor.

For lunch, I recommend the karaage and gyoza set meal, which lets you enjoy two flavors. In addition to the main dish, it comes with rice, soup, and side dishes.

If you want to focus on drinks, why not try the popular Japanese izakaya drink, lemon sour, along with side dishes like spring rolls and salad?

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Tachinomi Tempura KIKU

source:Shibuya PARCO Official website

Tachinomi Tempura KIKU is a place where you can casually enjoy tempura. With a theme of "Japanese modern that foreigners find cool," you can savor tempura in a sophisticated Japanese space.

Although it's a standing-style shop, chairs are available, so you can sit down to eat if you prefer.

For lunchtime, the "Kikuya Set" is recommended. It's a set that includes an assortment of tempura, rice, miso soup, and pickles. Himalayan rock salt, matcha salt, and curry salt are placed on the table, allowing you to change the flavor of your tempura as you eat.

The wide variety of alcoholic beverages is another pleasant point. If you go at night, enjoy pairing your favorite tempura ingredients with sake or wine.

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Mirai Nihonshu-ten & SAKE BAR

Mirai Nihon Saketen and Sake bar
source:Shibuya PARCO Official website

For those who want to enjoy sake, I recommend Mirai Nihonshu-ten & SAKE BAR. The biggest feature of this shop is the AI-powered taste judgment service "YUMMY SAKE."

When visiting the shop for the first time, start by ordering the "YUMMY SAKE × KUBOTA Tasting Kit." You'll compare 10 types of sake and input your preferences into your smartphone.

Once you've completed the input, the AI will determine the most suitable taste for you from among 12 types. After discovering your favorite taste, enjoy the pairing menu of sake and dishes that match your taste type.

There's also a shop area, so it's recommended to buy your favorite sake after your meal.


Recommended Ways to Use CHAOS KITCHEN

Basically, reservations are possible at CHAOS KITCHEN restaurants. Reservation methods vary by store, and you can make reservations by phone or through restaurant reservation sites like Tabelog.

It's recommended to make a reservation in advance, as it can get crowded during weekday dinner hours and weekends. If you want to enjoy your meal leisurely, it's also good to arrive early.

While most restaurants offer takeout, some do not. Note that Masaka, Campy!bar, Kiwamiya, Tachinomi Tempura KIKU, and Mirai Nihonshu-ten & SAKE BAR do not offer takeout.


Address: 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8377

It's a 4-minute walk from Shibuya Station Exit A6c. After exiting A6c, turn left and proceed until you see Shibuya MODI. 

Without crossing the crosswalk, continue straight on the left road, and you'll see Shibuya PARCO.

Basic Information about CHAOS KITCHEN

・ Operating hours: Vary by store
・ Closed days: According to facility business days 
・ Phone number: Varies by store 
・Official website: