Shibuya, packed with attractions such as the popular Scramble Crossing, Hachiko statue, and Shibuya Center Street, is one of the main areas for Tokyo tourism. While preserving long-standing live houses and art museums, Shibuya continues to generate new trends through large-scale redevelopment.

With numerous cafes, izakayas, and bars lined up, there's no shortage of dining options from morning to night. It's also known as a neighborhood that creates culture for curious young people, characterized by many fashion stores catering to teens and those in their twenties.

From fashion buildings like 109 and Parco to station buildings, specialist shops, and select shops tucked away in alleys, you can shop to your heart's content for clothes and fashion accessories.

Fashion Scene in Shibuya

Shibuya has a history of leading youth culture and has been broadcasting unique trends. Shibuya Casual (Shibu-kaji), the street fashion of young people gathering in Shibuya. Kogal fashion with its signature mini-skirts and platform shoes.

Shibuya, which has led such youth fashion, is dotted with fashion buildings. Popular shops gather in Marui, PARCO, and 109, always crowded with young people.

The women's 109 Shibuya is an iconic presence in Shibuya, even used in movie scenes. The men's 109 Men's was renovated to MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109 in 2019 due to decreasing users. Let's introduce in detail MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109, which has been reborn as a popular spot for foreign tourists!

What is MAGNET by SHIBUYA109?

Magnet by shibuya-exterior
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With the theme "A place where experiences create excitement," it houses various shops not just for fashion, but also for food, music, and art. All are highly entertaining shops that create excitement.

The rooftop and interior staircase walls are decorated with works by artists active both domestically and internationally, allowing you to feel art while shopping. The target audience is domestic and international visitors in their early 20s who want to experience diverse cultures.

Therefore, it's rich in gift shops and restaurants for tourists, showing unprecedented novelty. The rooftop floor, previously used only as a studio, has been opened as MAG's PARK. Also, CROSSING VIEW, an observation facility overlooking Shibuya Scramble Crossing and Shibuya Station, has appeared. There's an admission fee, but the view looking down on Shibuya Scramble Crossing is spectacular. It's a place you should definitely visit at least once!

Highlights of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109


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The art adorning the staircase walls of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 are works by young artists active both domestically and internationally. You can see up close the works of those who inspired Takeshi Shimamoto, the leader of #BCTION.

The work displayed at MAG's PARK on the rooftop is by Mon Koutaro Ooyama, who has also created murals for Facebook Japan headquarters and NIKE headquarters. The size and design are impactful, and it's fun to consider various interpretations.

My recommendation is to take photos from various angles, as the giant artwork looks completely different from far away and up close. You can feel the art with your whole body on the rooftop, truly like being in an atelier.

Floor Specializing in Anime and Characters

The 5th floor, with the theme "Encounter of Excitement," specializes in anime characters, idols, and games. The shops include Manga-ten Shibuya -Sachi-fuku, which sells limited original goods from manga and anime and holds exhibitions of live-action drama costumes and original drawings.

Dream Capsule, Shibuya's first and largest specialty store for gacha-gacha. JOL Collab Store, which sells collaboration items with popular anime, games, and idols. Patokoro satellite Shibuya Station Front, which handles Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, Pokémon cards, etc.

MEDICOS SHOP, which stocks anime and comic goods. AMNIBUS STORE, a specialty store for anime goods that can be used in daily life. By visiting these six unique stores, you can fully enjoy the world of anime. As an anime lover, I tend to linger on this floor!

Rooftop Lounge Overlooking the Scramble Crossing

Rooftop Lounge
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On the rooftop, there's CROSSING VIEW & ROOFTOP LOUNGE MAG8, which offers a panoramic view of Shibuya Scramble Crossing. The view looking down on one of the world's busiest intersections, where up to 3000 people cross in a single light change, is breathtaking.

With long operating hours from 11:00 to 22:00, the recommended time is from late afternoon to night when the sun sets. You can fully enjoy the glamorous Shibuya with its large screens and glittering neons.

There's also a photo service called CROSSING PHOTO, where you can capture both the observation deck and Shibuya Scramble Crossing in one photo. This one-of-a-kind photo will be a wonderful travel memory. The entrance fee is 1800 yen per person, which includes one drink of your choice, including alcohol.

Unique Shops in MAGNET by SHIBUYA

Hello Kitty Japan

Hello Kitty Japan
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They sell Sanrio goods loved both domestically and internationally in a Japanese style. Hello Kitty Japan is also in Tokyo Solamachi at Tokyo Skytree and DiverCity Tokyo, characterized by its abundance of items for tourists.

The Shibuya store, in particular, has the theme of "Gifts," and is packed with character goods perfect for souvenirs or presents for close friends. It handles Shibuya store-exclusive products featuring popular characters like Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, and Cinnamoroll, making you excited just by looking.

Look for the perfect gift item among stationery, pouches, stuffed toys, and more. It's easy to access as it's on the first floor.

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This art toy maker, popular among Chinese women, sells unique figures incorporating trends in design, art, and technology. With the theme "To light up and bring joy," it offers a wealth of collaboration items with creators active across the world.

There are also original products only available at POP MART, and their elaborate craftsmanship makes you want to start collecting. Stepping into the store feels like entering a toy world, allowing you to enjoy the charming toy world view with a child-like heart.

The blind boxes, which have sold up to 2 million units in a day and whose contents are unknown until opened, are popular and perfect for souvenirs.

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With the concept of "America × Casual → Japanese × Casual," it offers cool and unique fashion items. They also sell unisex items that can be worn by both men and women, featuring Japanese designs.

There are many distinctive designs that stand out, and just casually wearing them will attract attention. The popular item is the sukajan (souvenir jacket), with collaboration products featuring TV anime characters like ONE PIECE and NARUTO-Naruto-Shippuden, as well as products with Japanese-style designs featuring kanji characters and Mt. Fuji.

The products, finished with attention to detail such as satin sheen and embroidery, are like works of art. The latest product information is updated on Instagram and X, so it's good to check in advance.

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Dream Capsule

Dream Capsule
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This is Shibuya's first and largest specialty store for gacha-gacha, with the spacious site packed with gacha-gacha machines. After repeated renovations, it constantly maintains about 900 types of products, including niche items not often found in other stores.

Moreover, there's a rotation of about 300-400 types every month, and it's known for its quick handling of new products. At the back of the store is a photo spot overlooking Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Taking a photo with your obtained product is the standard course.

The gacha-gacha, where you can experience the thrill of wondering what will come out while turning the handle, gets even adults like me hooked. Despite being purchasable for a few hundred yen, all products are of high quality and popular as souvenirs.

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RECO fan

RECO fan
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This long-established store, founded in 1981, is a Total CD & RECORD Shop offering everything from used to the latest versions. It handles a wide range of genres including rock, pop, jazz, and anime songs, with a stock of about 80,000 items.

Although forced to close temporarily due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it made a comeback thanks to passionate support from fans. The casual atmosphere that's easy to enter for both music experts and novices is its charm.

With products displayed all over the store, finding what you're looking for feels like a treasure hunt. In addition to CDs and LP records, it's well-stocked with music-related products such as DVDs, Blu-rays, audio equipment, books, videos, and music-related goods, and is frequently used by tourists.

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Access to MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109

It's directly connected to each Shibuya station nearby.
- JR East: Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line
- Tokyu Railways: Toyoko Line, Den-en-toshi Line
- Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line
- Keio Corporation: Inokashira Line


・Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku
・Closed: January 1
・Phone number: 03-3477-5111
・Business hours: 10:00-21:00
・Official website: