A development called "once in a century" is progressing in Tokyo. Among them, the Shibuya area has been constantly transforming itself at a dizzying pace.

On the other hand, the long-standing meeting spot Hachiko dog statue and the world-famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, a symbol of Japan's cityscape, have remained unchanged.

Shibuya has always been a source of youth culture brimming with new energy in genres like fashion, music, and art. With its fundamental diversity and inclusiveness where Japanese and foreigners intermingle, it has naturally become a popular spot attracting people from all over the world.

Redevelopment Situation in Shibuya

The area around Shibuya Station had been divided in all directions by various rail lines and national roads, making it difficult to get around. The station premises also became increasingly complex, and even Japanese people had experiences of losing their sense of direction and getting lost inside in the past.

As part of a project to eliminate such inconveniences, various combined commercial facilities have been constructed one after another surrounding Shibuya Station since 2012. These facilities are connected by pedestrian decks above ground and directly linked to each building's floors underground, greatly improving mobility and convenience by allowing people to move freely east, west, north and south.

Among the ever-evolving Shibuya, I would like to feature the "SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE" in particular. It is a new noteworthy facility born to further enhance and carry on Shibuya's significance as a cutting-edge cultural hub where movie theaters and galleries once flourished.

What is Shibuya Scramble Square?

Shibuya Scramble Aquare
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The "SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE" was built in 2019 with the concept of being "a crossroads of possibilities questioning the world from Shibuya."

It is a massive 47-story high-rise building with an above-ground height of about 229.7m, located directly above the JR, Tokyu, Tokyo Metro, and Keio lines' Shibuya Stations. It boasts an overwhelming presence as the Shibuya area's newest landmark.

From the 2nd to 14th floors, domestic and international high-end brands like Sacai, Marni, and Balenciaga are clustered along with trendsetting Japanese select shops like Tomorrowland. Various genres of shops including cosmetics are gathered.

Food shops and restaurants range from famous spots across Japan to cuisines from around the world. But the must-see is definitely the "SHIBUYA SKY" observation facility on the 14th to 46th floors.

The breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo from the building's rooftop is simply stunning! You can experience the incredible energy of the city and the closeness of the sky in a way that words cannot fully capture. You could easily spend a fulfilling day just in this building.

<Basic Information>
Address: 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: Directly above and connected to Shibuya Station's B6 exit for Tokyu, Tokyo Metro, and Keio lines
Closed: Open daily
Phone: 03-4221-4280
Hours: Shops 10:00-21:00, Restaurants (12F/13F) 11:00-23:00 *Hours may vary
Official Website: https://www.shibuya-scramble-square.com/

Observation Deck "SHIBUYA SKY"

Shibuya Sky
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The highlight of SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE, "SHIBUYA SKY" (separate admission required), has become a mecca for sightseeing in Shibuya, constantly attracting tourists from Japan and abroad. Even a friend of mine who moved to the UK makes sure to visit here whenever returning to Japan.

Regardless of race, age or gender, SHIBUYA SKY's appeal that draws diverse crowds is its one-of-a-kind panoramic experience from about 229m above Shibuya, where you can become one with the sky while overlooking the world beyond from Shibuya.

As the concept message says, "Observe. Shibuya. The world. Yourself. The future," the time spent gazing down at the entire Tokyo area from above Shibuya where 300,000 people gather daily, and contemplating the world and future, is truly special.

Your amazing SHIBUYA SKY journey starts from the 14th to 45th floor transition spaces called "SKY GATE," before reaching the main stage, the open-air "SKY STAGE" rooftop and the indoor 46th floor "SKY GALLERY" observation hallway. Be sure to fully savor the experience from this exciting approach that instantly ramps up the anticipation!

Highlights of SHIBUYA SKY


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First, you pass through the "SENSING HALL" room of premonitions, then head to the elevator. The SENSING HALL itself is already an extraordinary space, building anticipation for the special journey ahead with lighting and interactive video displays.

The elevator rapidly ascends from the 14th to the 45th floor, named the "TRANSITION POD" transition room, and also features video imagery, 3D surround sound, and illumination effects that make you feel like you've stepped into a movie scene, further heightening the excitement. Lastly is the "LEADING LINE" guiding light - the escalator leading from the 45th to the 46th floor is like a path from a dark, enclosed tunnel into a new bright realm.

Following the line of light, you finally arrive at the lobby bathed in natural lighting!


Source: Official Website

Beyond SKY GATE lies the open-air "SKY STAGE," Japan's largest 2,500m2 rooftop observation space. Surrounded by wood decks and artificial turf, you're greeted by a breathtaking 360-degree grand panorama that leaves you awestruck.

From the Shinjuku and Roppongi skyscrapers, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, to Mount Fuji on a clear day, the unparalleled view keeps visitors permanently thrilled. Instagrammable spots also abound, like the "CLOUD HAMMOCK" for relaxing while gazing at the sky and the "GEO COMPASS" depicting a world map.

Especially popular for photographers is the "SKY EDGE" area with slightly lowered glass walls, jutting out like a ship's bow, giving the illusion of being suspended in midair with Shibuya's famous Scramble Crossing right below - an unbeatable view.


Source: Official Website

The 46th floor is called "SKY GALLERY - An Observation Gallery to Broaden Your View," encircling the building with an open-air corridor gallery. Even from the panoramic full-glass windows, you can
Here's the continuation of the English translation:

Even from the panoramic full-glass windows, you can enjoy the dynamic views, enhanced by 4K and LED displays providing cutting-edge multimedia exhibitions that further stimulate the senses.

Regular "SKY GALLERY EXHIBITION SERIES" events are also held, with the common theme of "broadening perspectives." Leading contemporary photographers and artists present works inspired by their experiences at SHIBUYA SKY, making it an art space where you can feel the "now" of Shibuya.

Take a moment to sit by the windows, gaze absentmindedly at the cityscape below while appreciating the art – a stark contrast to the fast-paced street life, allowing you to savor an unhurried moment.


Source: Official Website

After being stimulated by the art and spaces, unwind at the café & bar "Paradise Lounge" located within SKY GALLERY.

Designed by the world-renowned British lifestyle brand "Tom Dixon," the space exudes a modern yet relaxing ambience with Tom Dixon's signature lighting and interior design.

The menu is curated by Chef Hasegawa of the two-Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant "Den," offering modern twists on classics like french fries, hot dogs, and soft-serve ice cream. In addition to soft drinks, craft beers and cocktails are also available, attracting locals for after-dinner drinks.

Every Thursday from 7-9pm, DJ sound sessions liven up Shibuya nights with a rotating lineup of DJs spinning quality tunes. Enjoy a groovy evening accompanied by the beautiful night view!


Source: Ofiicial Website

SHIBUYA SKY Ticket Prices

To access SHIBUYA SKY, you need an admission ticket sold at the 14F ticket counter: Adults 2,500 yen, Middle/High School Students 2,000 yen, Elementary School Students 1,200 yen, Ages 3-5 700 yen, Under 3 Free.

You can also purchase online from the official website for a 300 yen discount for adults and students. Schedules are available up to 4 weeks in advance, so it's recommended to book tickets online early.

Entry times are set every 20 minutes from 10:00-21:00, and you must enter during your designated timeframe noted on the ticket. There are also package tickets combining THE ROOF SHIBUYA SKY sofa seating with drinks & snacks, but these require a minimum of 2 people and are not available for those under 20 years old. Check the official website for details.

Official Website: https://www.shibuya-scramble-square.com/sky/ticket/

SHIBUYA SKY Precautions

For safety reasons, SHIBUYA SKY has strict rules on what can be brought up to the rooftop observation areas. The only permitted items are neck-strap or pocket-sized cameras, binoculars, and smartphones (hats, beverages, food, tripods, selfie sticks etc. are not allowed!).

All other belongings must be stored in the dedicated lockers on the 46th floor or lockers around Shibuya Station.
The outdoor SKY STAGE may also be closed during strong winds, rain, snow, approaching thunderstorms, photochemical smog, or extreme heat (but the indoor SKY GALLERY remains accessible), so be sure to frequently check weather conditions as they can change rapidly in Japan.

Since the prime location offers panoramic views of Tokyo's landmarks, Tokyo Bay, and even Mount Fuji, it's best to visit on a clear sunny day for the ultimate experience.


The SHIBUYA SKY entrance is on the 14th floor of SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE, with direct elevator access from the 1st floor outside. You can also go through SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE and take the elevator after enjoying shopping and dining inside.

SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE is directly connected to the Tokyu, Tokyo Metro, and Keio Shibuya Station lines via the B6 exit underground.