“Edo Kiriko” is one of the Japanese traditional craftworks, which is a technique of glass cutting. The beautifully craved glassware is very popular among both Japanese and international visitors. You will appreciate the beauty of glass artwork, and you can even carve your original designs on a glass at the Sumida Edo Kiriko museum. Why not experience traditional Japanese art craft?

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About Sumido Edo Kiriko Museum

About Sumido Edo Kiriko Museum

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Sumida Edo Kiriko Museum is a specialty showroom where they offer traditional Japanese craft of glass engraving. It’s believed that it invented in late Edo era, Kyubei Kagaya who had a glassware store in Edo-Odenmacho started carving designs to the glass products which were brought by Nanbanjin (Southern Barbarians). You can learn about the history, manufacturing process and cutting tools which were used for years through the panels and displays at the gallery.

About Sumido Edo Kiriko Museum

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Besides the history of Edo Kiriko glass, they also have approximately 350 pieces of traditional art crafts from Hirota Glass who has been in glass business over 100 years.

Don’t miss out their extraordinary masterpieces and reproductions!

Highlight of Edo Kiriko glass museum

Glass engraving demonstration

Glass engraving demonstration

source: https://co-trip.jp/article/8085/

Sumida Edo Kiriko Museum Shop has a workshop as well, and you get to see the demonstration of craftsman’s technique. It’s a great opportunity for you to watch a maestro who has the “Waza” (Skill) and “Iki”(Purity) of Edo cultures and continues to pursue innovative methods.

Make your own Edo Kiriko glass!

Make your own Edo Kiriko glass!

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You can make your own Edo Kiriko glassware here. First, pick your favorite glass from different selections in colors and shapes and then start carving Kiriko designs on the glass. Let’s give it a try to create your original Edo Kiriko glass!

The museum has a gift shop too.

source: http://www.edokiriko.net/

Edo Kiriko glass is not just for special occasions but also for daily life. The gift shop carries a large selection of products for everyday use. You can also buy something special for a present from many options that come in different patterns and sizes.

Overview of Sumida Edo Kiriko Museum

  • Address: 2-10-9 Taihei Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone number: 03-3623-4148
  • Opening hours: 10: 00AM ~ 6: 00PM
  • Closed: Sunday, National holidays, Summer holiday and New Year’s holiday
  • Directions:


About 6 minutes’ walk from JR · Tokyo Metro “Kinshicho” station

From Haneda airport: approx. 50 minutes

From Narita airport: approx. 70 minutes

From Tokyo station: approx. 15 minutes