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“CAT EAR” – Anime Cosplay & Karaoke Bar: Fun Night in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Among many touristic spots in Tokyo, Asakusa is popular for an ambience of good old days of Japan. To mention a few “Senso-ji” Temple with huge lanterns at the entrance, “Nakamise” Street for a promenade, “Hana-yashiki”-nostalgic amusement park, etc. In this issue we introduce “CAT EAR”, a unique Karaoke

The movie “Your Name” – Official merchandises and where you can find them

“Your name” is a Japanese animated film about the miraculous encounter of two high school students. It became an international box-office sensation in 2016, and its sophistication and landscapes rendered with painterly detail were highly acclaimed. The DVD was released in July 2017, and limited versions are on sale from

The History of KUCHIKAMIZAKE in the movie 「KIMINONAWA。」

The KUCHIKAMIZAKE is made in the ceremony of Shinto shrine that Mitsuha plays as a MIKO in the movie「KIMINONAWA。」 It is not fiction but be actually exist in Japan. So we will show you what is the KUCHIKAMIZAKE is about and the place where you can purchase it. When

100-million-"yen" toilet!?

【100-million-“yen” toilet】 Agenda ・Strange and unusual toilet!? ・What is Meguro Gajoen? ・Gorgeous interior design ・A field of Spirited Away!? ・Actual movie of 100-million-yen toilet!! ・Addition (100-million-yen elevator!?) ・Summary 100-million-yen toilet!? Have you heard about a toilet which worth 100 million yen? Probably most of you are doubting such thing