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Shibuya: Interacting with Robots! Pepper PARLOR

Discover Pepper PARLOR in Shibuya. There are many cafes and restaurants in Shibuya but here, Pepper PARLOR is the place where you can interact with Robots!

Enjoy Sushi All You Can Eat! Recommended Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Discover Tokyo's best sushi buffets: Enjoy unlimited high-quality sushi at affordable prices. Perfect for sushi lovers and those new to Japanese cuisine.

Local Popular Western-style Restaurant: Shibuya Shokudo Ventuno Tokyo

Discover Shibuya's vibrant culture and culinary scene. Explore landmarks, youth hotspots, and the legendary Shibuya Shokudo Ventuno Tokyo restaurant.

Shibuya's Top 8 Recommended Restaurants

Discover Shibuya's vibrant food scene - from panoramic Japanese cuisine to lively izakaya pubs and creative takes on seafood, meat, and local specialties like okonomiyaki.