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Shibuya is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. A major commercial and business centre, it houses the two busiest railway stations in the world, Shinjuku Station and Shibuya Station.

【Tokyo Night Life】Highlight Events in Nightclub for October (w/Photos)

Want to enjoy the local night life of Japan during your travels? October is Halloween season, and various Halloween themed events [] will be held. I, Yasuko, the local guide and club worker will guide you through the highlight events in Tokyo. 【Shibuya】10/28,

【Tokyo Nightlife】Best 5 recommended places to eat near the clubbing district, Open Midnight: Have a meal during midnight. (w/Photos)

It’s common for visitors to want to visit a local club whenever they travel. Once you dance the night away, you become hungry afterwards. Therefore, whenever you go spend the night out, it’s best that you research for a good nearby store beforehand. We have picked up some

The 10 Best Traditional Festival Guide - August 2017 Tokyo (w/Photos)

If you’re going to spend your summer in Tokyo, we strongly recommend you to participate in the traditional Japanese festivals. Tokyo is always cutting edge of times, but there are many historical festivals that are rooted here. Since festivals that allow audiences to participate are increasing, it is possible

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Japanese techno music heaven, WOMB TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812457/womb_k3x5m6.jpg) []( WOMB TOKYOA lot of artists such as Skrillex, Dubvision, Kryder visit Japan’s Womb in Shibuya. In addition, in the club rankings of the world

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Enjoy the HOT music of Japan, SOUND MUSEUM VISION (w/Photos)

SOUND MUSEUM VISION [] SOUND MUSEUM VISION SOUND MUSEUM VISION is located in the middle of Shibuya Dogenzaka. As its name suggests, it plays special attention to the sound system that is stronger than other clubs, and on the main floor GAIA you can enjoy powerful sound

【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】International Coupons available, Play in a recently renewed beautiful club, SIX TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812520/1_3hs7i1lbskij30q5dt4je_ywrvww.jpg) []( ## SIX TOKYOSIX TOKYO is a club in the same building as the popular club V2. SIX

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Enjoy Powerful Music, Shibuya LOUNGE NEO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812529/tumblr_nj3o76p1vm1u6bpdao5_1280_tmdpak.jpg) []( Shibuya LOUNGE NEOLOUNGE NEO is especially great for music lovers compared to the other Shibuya clubs such as Womb, Asia and Vision. Although it is