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Japanese Alcohol to Try at Izakaya and Bar in Tokyo: “Japanese Sake” (w/Photos)

In Japan people love drinking alcohols such as “Japanese Sake”. Japanese Sake has a long history over 1000 years. Although Japanese people used to present the Japanese Sake to God in Shinto rituals, nowadays they drink the Sake in daily life. It’s better drinking Sake with Japanese meal. Recently

Must try Japanese drinks in bars and pubs in Tokyo - - Japanese spirit /Japanese spirit with soda Shocyu/Cyu-hai (w/Photos)

Japanese alcohol has a long history, Japanese peoples started to make it about a thousand and three hundred years ago. Nowadays, Japanese people go to Japanese bar/pub called Izakaya, after university lessons or work. They would drink beer, whisky and Japanese alcohol Shocyu. Izakaya would offer food that go

Top 3 the must try Japanese alcohol at Tokyo tavern (izakaya) / bar (w/Photos)

Have you ever tried Japanese alcohol such as Japanese sake and shochu? Currently, there are many Japanese made craft beers and you can enjoy them at tavern and bar. It is recommended to drink these alcohols at drinking party at tavern with Yakitori, which is good as the side dish

Best 9 Must-see hot events Guide in Tokyo, June 2017 (w/Photos)

Must-see hot events held in Tokyo for June, 2017 brought to you by MagicalTrip staff. From events featuring Japan’s tradition such as Yabusame, the Tokyo Toy Show where the latest toys all over the world gather and can be enjoyed with children and to events where you can enjoy

How is Japanese Sake made? The Difference in Taste by Recipe and materials (w/Photos)

Traditional Japanese sake (Rice wine) is said to have a very delicate flavor difference. The reason for this comes from the recipe and raw materials used on Sake brewery. This article will explain what kind of raw materials are used for sake and How is Japanese Sake made based on

Taste difference in Types of Japanese Sake, Dry and Sweet. And what is Premium Sake (w/Photos)

Know the different tastes and types of Japanese sake (Rice wine), and know what’s best for you. Why are Japanese sake called “Daiginjo” always highly graded? Learn it from this article based on interview with Mr. Azuma, the Sake Meister of Tokyo famous Japanese Sake bar “KURAND SAKE MARKET”

How to serve Japanese Sake? Magically Change its Taste through “Temperature” and “Cup” (w/Photos)

Japanese sake (Rice wine) can surprisingly taste different based on not only sake types but also how to serve it. Before visiting good unique Japanese Sake bar in Japan, learn how to enjoy a variety of Japanese sake by this article based on the interview with Sake Meister of “KURAND