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【Nightlife】Best 5 clubs in Tokyo you should go to on Halloween!!!

souce: fashion-press [] Tokyo’s club district is filled with energy, especially during the weekends. But when it comes to the busiest time of the year, it has to be during Halloween. Japan’s Halloween is a celebrated a little differently as there is mostly

【Tokyo Night Life】Highlight Events in Nightclub for October (w/Photos)

Want to enjoy the local night life of Japan during your travels? October is Halloween season, and various Halloween themed events [] will be held. I, Yasuko, the local guide and club worker will guide you through the highlight events in Tokyo. 【Shibuya】10/28,

【Night Club in Tokyo -Ebisu-】Various bands from Major to Subculture, LIQUIDROOM Tokyo (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812447/liquid_joehpf.jpg) []( ## LIQUIDROOM TokyoVarious live concerts are held at LIQUIDROOM Tokyo, a live

【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】A legendary long-established club that made the Japanese Disco Boom, MAHARAJA ROPPONGI (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812451/maharaja_y0kasy.jpg) []( MAHARAJA ROPPONGIThe disco boom that swept Japan in the 1980s and 90s was led by Maharaja. The symbol of Japan’s

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Japanese techno music heaven, WOMB TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812457/womb_k3x5m6.jpg) []( WOMB TOKYOA lot of artists such as Skrillex, Dubvision, Kryder visit Japan’s Womb in Shibuya. In addition, in the club rankings of the world

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Enjoy the HOT music of Japan, SOUND MUSEUM VISION (w/Photos)

SOUND MUSEUM VISION [] SOUND MUSEUM VISION SOUND MUSEUM VISION is located in the middle of Shibuya Dogenzaka. As its name suggests, it plays special attention to the sound system that is stronger than other clubs, and on the main floor GAIA you can enjoy powerful sound

【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】One of Tokyo’s most famous clubs to enjoy a great night view and Nampa, V2 TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812513/v2tokyo_02_pljypb.jpg) []( ## V2 TOKYOOut of the clubs in Roppongi, V2 TOKYO is the most famous and popular. V2 is located on the