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【Night Club in Tokyo -Roppongi-】International Coupons available, Play in a recently renewed beautiful club, SIX TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812520/1_3hs7i1lbskij30q5dt4je_ywrvww.jpg) []( ## SIX TOKYOSIX TOKYO is a club in the same building as the popular club V2. SIX

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shinkiba-】Tokyo’s One of the Largest Club, Studio Coast , ageHa Tokyo (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812525/ageha_fu0exs.jpg) []( Studio Coast / ageHa Tokyo STUDIO COAST, a live house in Shinkiba is the center of live concerts for rock and hip hop. Once at night, weekends and

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Enjoy Powerful Music, Shibuya LOUNGE NEO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812529/tumblr_nj3o76p1vm1u6bpdao5_1280_tmdpak.jpg) []( Shibuya LOUNGE NEOLOUNGE NEO is especially great for music lovers compared to the other Shibuya clubs such as Womb, Asia and Vision. Although it is

【Night Club in Tokyo -Azabujuban-】Luxurious Azabu Nampa Box, ELE TOKYO (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812534/CaXHf8nUAAESpk1_xkdb2m.jpg) []( ELE TOKYOELE TOKYO is a famous club in Azabu-juban that even Lady GaGa dropped in. The main floor has a modern appearance and the first floor is

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Great for Club beginners, and easy to talk to girls, Shibuya Club atom (w/Photos)

![](,f_auto/v1522812538/snap201705_01_xbq4uh.jpg) []( Shibuya Club atomEven among the clubs along Maruyama-cho, Club Atom is famous as the “Nampa Box”, the easy place to ask people out. Atom is made up of

【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Must go Long-established Club when visiting Shibuya - Shibuya club asia (w/Photos)

Shibuya club asia Club Asia, a long-established club with a history of over 20 years, is a club with a distinct red wallpaper in Maruyama-cho. Popular artists gather regardless of the genre, and is often crowded with Japanese music lovers and travelers on weekend night events. Although the main floor