Tokyo nightlife

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Discover things to do in Tokyo after dark. Hear what others have to say in one of the biggest cities in the world. A night in Tokyo can be one of the best experiences a traveler can have.

Amuse Cafe Theater | The night show that we can enjoy in night Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is the highly popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo among foreign tourists. There are many temples, shrines, and historical architectures that help us to feel Japanese history and culture. Not only on daytime, but also on nighttime we can enjoy Japanese nightlife experience in Izakaya and restaurant. Today, we will

Torahimeichiza | Night show for nightlife in Askusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is a popular sightseeing spots also for foreign tourists. There are many historical buildings such as temples and shrines, so that you can find history and culture of Japan. Besides sightseeing during daytime, you can enjoy bar hopping or local dishes at Izakaya (Japanese gastropub) or restaurants. That must

Asakusa Rock Yumemachi Theater | Night show for nightlife in Askusa (w/Photos)

There are many historical buildings such as temples and shrines in Asakusa. By that it is a popular sightseeing spot for tourists. Besides sightseeing during day time, you also can enjoy a sparkling nightlife at izakaya (Japanese gastropub), restaurants. Let’s enjoy watch performances and dinner. You will have a

That’s ZENtertainment: Night Show in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is a popular touristic spot among foreign visitors for historical buildings. Not only during the daytime for sightseeing but also at night there are many Izakayas and restaurants to enjoy. It is one of Asakusa’s attractions where you can spend wonderful night watching shows while enjoying meals. In

Top 5 Selections of Night Show : Fun Night in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Since there are many historical buildings such as temples and shrines, Asakusa is a popular touristic spot among foreign visitors. Not only it is good for sightseeing during the day time, but also at night you will find places for entertainments such as Izakayas and restaurants. Enjoying dance shows with

Different Ways Japan's Trying to Solve its Declining Marriage Rate (w/Photos)

At this point it is practically infamous that Japan has a declining birth rate issue, but a new tally by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan revealed that the number of marriages is also on the decline for its fifth straight year in a row. It's no

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Tour Guide in Japan (w/Photos)

Get the Most Out of A Trip If you're a English speaker, traveling to Asia can be a whole new different experience compared to traveling to Europe or other English speaking countries. As always the language barrier is a big factor hindering common things you normally and can easily do