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Tsukushi | Monja-yaki , Asakusa Local Food (w/Photos)

Many foreign tourists come to see Japanese history and culture in Asakusa. There are many historical buildings such as shrines and temples. And also they have many Izakays where you can try Asakusa local food. So you can even try barhopping. In this article, we will show you recommend “Tsukushi”

Soba – Must Eat Local Food in Asakusa (w/Photos)

You can say that Asakusa is the most popular tourist destination in Tokyo. There are many historical buildings and spots where you can feel cultures from the Samurai era. Asakusa also offers many long-established restaurants where you can enjoy various local gourmets. In this article, we will be referring to

Top 5 recommended local gourmet in Asakusa-Where do you want to eat and drink in Asakusa? (w/Photos)

Asakusa has longer history among the city in Tokyo. There are many popular sightseeing spot such as Senso temple, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki theme park. Moreover, there are some restaurants that have had history since as long as Samurai era. You can enjoy Japanese traditional dishes there. Today, we will introduce

Torahimeichiza | Night show for nightlife in Askusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is a popular sightseeing spots also for foreign tourists. There are many historical buildings such as temples and shrines, so that you can find history and culture of Japan. Besides sightseeing during daytime, you can enjoy bar hopping or local dishes at Izakaya (Japanese gastropub) or restaurants. That must

Asakusa Rock Yumemachi Theater | Night show for nightlife in Askusa (w/Photos)

There are many historical buildings such as temples and shrines in Asakusa. By that it is a popular sightseeing spot for tourists. Besides sightseeing during day time, you also can enjoy a sparkling nightlife at izakaya (Japanese gastropub), restaurants. Let’s enjoy watch performances and dinner. You will have a

Let’s try at izakaya or bar in Tokyo soba and udon noodle as an “shime”( after drinking alcohol ) (w/Photos)

About  “shime” ( after drinking alcohol) “shime” means the food what you want to eat after drinking alcohol. Most of them are “ramen” ”soba noodle,” “Chazuke( pouring green tea over cooked rice)”,”o-nigiri(rice ball)”.When you drink alcohol, blood glucose levels are lowered. So that your body need carbohydrate to

Experience “Shime” in Tokyo’s bar and pub Izakaya (w/Photos)

In Japanese culture, it is a custom to eat carbohydrates after drinking alcohol. This custom would be called “Shime” Shime means the end. What’s Shime menu like? If you wan to experience Shime, you shall read about it a bit before, so your experience would be much better one.