The Yanaka area of Tokyo is a precious place that has preserved its historic streetscapes amid the city's ongoing redevelopment. The shopping street called Yanaka Ginza has many wooden buildings remaining and is lined with around 60 long-established independent shops. I am always comforted by the warm hospitality of the local residents and the nostalgic atmosphere whenever I visit.  

Due to the many shrines, temples, and back alleys in Yanaka Ginza, it has been an environment friendly for cats to live, and the area has long been known as a "cat town." Though the number of cats has decreased due to the city's stray cat control measures, the culture of loving cats remains strong. Many shops handle cat-related goods and cat food.

Against this backdrop, Yanaka Ginza has become a paradise for cat lovers and is the perfect place to purchase cat goods. One particularly recommended spot is the store "Neco Action" introduced here.

Reasons to Recommend Neco Action

All Products are Cat Goods!

neco action goods
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Neco Action is a specialty store for cat goods, with all of its products featuring cat designs. The store is packed with all sorts of cat-themed merchandise like stationery, fabric accessories, and kitchen goods, making you want to buy this and that. 

For cat lovers, it's a space enjoyable just to look around, where you're bound to end up lingering and losing track of time. It has many practical yet adorable products, letting you find a cute feline partner to share your daily life with. They also offer gift wrapping services, making it an ideal shop for selecting presents for cat-loving friends and family.

Carrying Works by Various Artists

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Neco Action carries original works by many different artists. The merchandise is created with unique ideas and innovative designs each have their own special charm. Even with the same product, the expressions and patterns of the individual cats differ slightly, giving an almost lifelike impression.

In addition to the shop's original goods, Neco Action also sells collaborative works co-created with artists. There are many series of products, making cat lovers want to collect the whole set. Crafted with care one by one, these individualistic pieces can be enjoyed as artworks. Be sure to get your hands on the limited edition items only available here.

Recommended Goods from Neco Action

Neko Jirushi Milk

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The "Neko Jirushi  Milk" is an original Seiyousha cat product featuring a retro design reminiscent of the Showa era. The nostalgic illustration of the cats gives a heartwarming feeling just looking at it. Drinking hot milk from a cup decorated with these adorable cats makes you feel like you've become a cat yourself. 

The milk can itself can be displayed as interior decoration, used as a storage container for small items, or to store tea and coffee beans. Masking tape, clear folders, and other stationery items are also sold. The comforting illustrations are irresistible for fans of that gentle style and are sure to delight as a gift.

Pottering Cat

Pottering cat
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Pottering Cat is a brand of funny, unique yet practical cat goods. "Pottering cat" refers to a cat leisurely strolling, with the designs modeled after adorable stray cats. Products include memo pads, postcards, T-shirts, pins, and more.

Particularly recommended are the stamps depicting lovable cats behaving like humans. The designs have a nostalgic Japanese charm. Simply stamping them onto letters or notebooks instantly expands the cute world of cats. The Japanese phrases like "Good morning" and "See you" on some stamps also make perfect souvenirs from Japan.

Handpainted Goods

hand-painted goods
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The "Handpainted Goods" are handmade items with a warm, personal touch painted by the artist Hitomi. The lively depictions of cats' expressions and movements make them seem truly alive. As every single tote bag, pouch, and coaster is hand-painted, no two products are exactly the same, giving them a special feeling.

There is also a service to create one-of-a-kind, custom-made items modeled after your own beloved pet cat. This makes a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. It's nice that the extensive lineup ranges from daily-use items to interior decorations.

Stone Cats

cat stone
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The "Stone Cats" are works by the globally active Japanese painter Tokunobu Inukai, who realistically depicts cats on stones. Employing traditional Japanese painting techniques, the vividly portrayed cats seem to exude a presence as if about to move at any moment.

As natural stones are used, each work differs in shape, size, and texture, making every one unique and hard to choose between. While various sizes are exhibited, the palm-sized adorable stone cats can provide a soothing presence just by displaying them as interior decorations. In addition to stones, wearable cat charms and other items are also sold.

The cat paintings by Tokunobu Inukai exhibited inside Neco Action are also must-sees.

All Made in Japan! Sotoneko Japan Goods

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The "Sotoneko Japan Goods" are all made in Japan with a commitment to quality, including bags, pouches, accessories, and other daily-use items. The designs range from adorable illustrations to realistic cat prints, offering a wide selection.

The monogram series features simple yet lovely cat expressions, charming enough to steal your heart. The "12 Cats" series depicts various coated cats like black, calico, and tabby arranged in a stylish design that cat lovers are sure to gush over. The meticulous Japanese craftsmanship provides a sense of reassurance, making these ideal gifts.

Access to Neco Action

Address: 3-10-5 Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
The nearest station is JR Nippori Station on the JR Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku lines.

From the station, go straight along Goten-zaka slope, turn right at the fork, and the shop will be right there on your right-hand side. The store is located just before the "Yuyake Dandan" steps leading to the Yanaka Ginza shopping street.

It's also about a 7-minute walk from Sendagi Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.

Information for Neco Action

- Business Hours: 11:00 - 18:00
- Closed: Mondays (Open on holidays)
- Phone Number: 03-5834-8733
- Official Website:
- SNS: Instagram: