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Yanaka Area: The place to eat onigiri! Onigiri Cafe RISAKU

Discover Onigiri Cafe RISAKU in Tokyo's historic Yanesen area. Enjoy a variety of delicious onigiri and traditional Japanese light meals in a charming setting.

"HAGI CAFE" renovated from a Japanese apartment building at Yanaka Ginza

Amidst Tokyo's redevelopment, Yanaka Ginza preserves its retro townscape. Discover HAGISO, a renovated 1955 apartment housing HAGI CAFE and more.

Recommended Restaurants & Cafes by Purpose in Yanaka Ginza

Tokyo's 170m nostalgic shopping street | Preserving the atmospheric old townscape with 60+ shops amid modern redevelopment. Stroll by Nezu Shrine,historic building to experience shitamachi culture. A gourmet guide.