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Tasty Breakfast in Yanaka Ginza

Yanaka Ginza offers a taste of old Tokyo: quaint shops, cafes in traditional houses, and bakeries. The Best place to start a peaceful morning with good meals. You can get to know the best breakfast in Yanaka Ginza in this article.

Discover Yanaka Ginza: Best cafes and restaurants for lunch

Experience the timeless charm of old Tokyo in Yanaka Ginza amid ongoing modern redevelopment. This article presents the best cafés and restaurants for lunch, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Kyoto Food Guide: Top Foods You Should Eat

Kyoto was formally the capital of Japan. Here in this food guide, we break down the top foods you should try in Kyoto. Discover and enjoy learning the best foods that Kyoto has to offer.

Best 5 Tokyo Food Tours by Night

There are many Tokyo food tours for travelers during the day but what about food tours at night? As a traveler you may have researched online, different places to eat at night. That may include michelin star restaurants, sushi bars, or BBQ restaurants. The cost of how much you pay

Top 5 Selections of “Okonomi-yaki” Restaurant in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is an attractive touristic destination not only for many historical temples and shrines but also for the “Sky Tree” Tower, shopping and Izakayas. It is fun to do Izakaya-hopping. Furthermore there are many “Okonomi-yaki” restaurants. We will recommend selected restaurants for “Okonomi-yaki” which is a kind of crape mixed

Discover the Food Kitchen of Osaka: Ura-Namba (w/Photos)

Ura-Namba literally meaning the backside of Osaka's Namba district, is a trendy local area where people gather to feast on delicious food. Ura-Namba is full of unique izakayas including those in Misono Building, which has an atomosphere of an underground culture with a historic Japanese feeling. Osaka is

Top 5 foods you should try: Osaka Food Guide (w/Photos)

The number one question we always get is: "What foods do you recommend us to eat?". We thought we should make a list of the most popular foods in Osaka, with a couple of restaurant recommendations to help you out. Here they are, in no particular order: 1.