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Typhoon Bar Hopping in Tokyo! (w/Photos)

Unpredictable Weather Forecast The weather in Tokyo can fluctuate drastically in the summer.

Best 10 Must-see Event Guide in Tokyo December 2017 (w/Photos)

Tokyo is a city of politics and economics, but in autumn you will see trees of the metropolis changing into red and yellow. In this article we will show you some spots where many foreign tourists are going to see beautifully colored leaves. Information of fantastic illuminations and Christmas events

Jun-chan: Izakaya & Bar in Ebisu (w/Photos)

If you want to eat cheap and delicious foods loved by Japanese people, an izakaya, a Japanese style tavern, would be an ideal place. You can eat delicious foods in a 1950s retro atmosphere at Ebisu Yokocho where Japanese Izakayas are lined up in Ebisu, Tokyo. And we would like

Recommended Izakayas / Bars in Ebisu Yokocho: “Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru” (w/Photos)

If you’re seeking a dining experience at a local izakaya, look no further than the retro-inspired “Ebisu Yokocho”. This time, we are introducing “Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru”, a Japanese seafood izakaya in Ebisu Yokocho. If you’re interested in other izakayas, check >> Recommended Izakayas / Bars: Feast on Delicacies

Recommended Izakayas / Bars in Ebisu Yokocho: Nikuzushi (w/Photos)

Ebisu Yokocho is a restaurant alley packed with 1950’s-retro izakaya. In this article, we’ll spotlight “Nikuzushi” — an unique izakaya serving meat sushi located in Ebisu Yokocho. If you’d like to read about other izakayas in Ebisu Yokocho, check >> Recommended Izakayas / Bars: Feast on Delicacies at

Recommended Izakayas / Bars: Feast on Delicacies at Ebisu Yokocho! (w/Photos)

Interested in gorging delicacies and reveling in Showa-retro ambiance at a local izakaya? Look no further – in this article, we’ll feature 3 izakayas with delectable food in Ebisu Yokocho, a restaurant alley located in the Ebisu area of Tokyo. Experience Shinjuku’s backstreet bars, that are normally a little

【Night Club in Tokyo -Ebisu-】Various bands from Major to Subculture, LIQUIDROOM Tokyo (w/Photos)

![](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812447/liquid_joehpf.jpg) [http://natalie.mu/music/gallery/show/news_id/164203/image_id/472014](http://natalie.mu/music/gallery/show/news_id/164203/image_id/472014) ## LIQUIDROOM TokyoVarious live concerts are held at LIQUIDROOM Tokyo, a live