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Suspending Bookings for May 2020 due to COVID-19

To protect the health and safety of our customers, local guides and our community, MagicalTrip decided to stop accepting new bookings for tours in May 2020. However, for those who already booked our tours for May by Mar 31st,2020(

Kumano Kodo Sacred Pilgrimage

Kumano Kodo, meaning old road, is a series of trails that is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan, Kumano Kodo pilgrimage consists

Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho aka Piss Alley

Omoide Yokocho literally meaning “Memory Lane” and more commonly known now as “Piss Alley”, has a very long history dating back to 1946. A year after World War 2 this

Magical Trip's Bar Hopping Food Tour Overview: What's unique about each tour?

Big thanks to our guests! Magical Trip [] now rolled out bar hopping food tours in major cities and areas in Japan. For that reason, we sometimes

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Tour Guide in Japan (w/Photos)

Get the Most Out of A Trip If you're a English speaker, traveling to Asia can be a whole new different experience compared to traveling to Europe or

Experience Harajuku Fashion! Fashion Store in Harajuku — PIN NAP

Harajuku is the fashion capital of Japan and many young men and women, from Japan and overseas countries, visit the various landmarks in Harajuku. In addition to large shopping complexes,

Let’s Get to Know What Harajuku Lolita Fashion Is!

Harajuku style fashion is the center of attention by Japanese hipsters. What make Harajuku so popular are the reasonable price and many pop and pretty shops. This article is about

Harajuku Fashion Trend 2017

Harajuku style originated in Harajuku. In Omotesando, there are many fashion buildings such as Omotesando Hills and Laforet Harajuku. If you want reasonable one, go to Takeshita-dori Street to get

Enjoy Harajuku fashion! Harajuku fashion store “ACDC RAG”

Harajuku is a popular area also for foreigners and the origin of “Kawaii” which Japan is famous for in the world. In Harajuku, you see “Harajuku-fashion” as a booming fashion,