The Director Mr. Makoto Shinkai famous in all over the world for**「KIMINONAWA. (Your Name)」**

The beautiful scenery described with photographic accuracy, ladies and gentlemen’s sentimental story is his movie’s characteristic. How has he created such great movies impressive deeply to many people? This time, we’d like to introduce some movies「Mr. Makoto Shinkai’s Gallery – from 『HOSHINOKOE(The Voice of Stars)』to『KIMINONAWA.(Your Name)』-」that you can see valuable storyboard and other production documents.

It is not only**「KIMINONAWA」! The movies made by Director Mr. Makoto Shinkai.**

It is not only「KIMINONAWA」! The movies made by Director Mr. Makoto Shinkai.

  • 「Byosoku 5cm (5cm a Second)」

It is the 3 short movies describe the love story of 3 each main characters. Each characters feelings of anxious about their futures and missing their pasts they could never be back are crossing in the movie. The movie title「5cm a Second」means the speed of falling cherry petal. This movie story consists only of the reality matters, does not include any SF elements like in the movie「KIMINONAWA」.

The main characters Takaki and Akari’s school route when they are childhood is the town around the Sangubashi station on Odakyu line and Yoyogihachiman station. 「Yoyogihachimangu」is the temple they pass on their way to school and power spot as a success in life. There also is the railway crossing describe impressive farewell in this movie. In addition, the location where Takaki moved his house in the second story is「Tanegashima」in Kagoshima. The sea where Takaki and Kanae go surfing together, the school route they go along with, the scenery of the beautiful island are described as you can see there in the movie.

  • KOTONOHANONIWA(The Garden of Words)

The high school boy Takao who dreams of becoming a shoemaker skips the class and be thinking of the shoe design while heading to the garden. But one rainy day, he happened to meet Yukino who is enjoying chocolate and beer in the morning time. They gradually become attracted to each other by talking day by day. This is Director Mr. Makoto Shinkai’s 5th movie describes the sad and sentimental love story comes from his own experiences and the scenery from one of the oldest collection of Japanese poetry「Manyoushu」. Miserable but beautiful way of description of time-passing is really unique, and the loneliness that each person has are described in the way of what we call “This is the Makoto Shinkai World”.

The garden where Takao and Yukino meet is「Shinjuku-Gyoen」. It is the big garden contains England’s and France’s, Japanese style together. It is also the best place for beautiful cherry blossom and autumn leaves, you can enjoy four seasonal nature even in the central of Tokyo city.

Mr. Makoto Shinkai’s Gallery – From「HOSHINOKOE」To「KIMINONAWA.」 –

Mr. Makoto Shinkai’s Gallery - From「HOSHINOKOE」To「KIMINONAWA.」 -

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of debut of Director Mr. Makoto Shinkai, 「Mr. Makoto Shinkai’s Gallery」is held. Known as the most remarkable characteristic of Shinkai world, the extremely delicate way of scenery description and the process of sentimental story-making can be see there. There are 6 movie’s exhibition as「HOSHINOKOE」,「Kumono-mukou, Yakusokuno-basho (Over the cloud, The place where we made a promise)」,「Byosoku 5km」「KOTONOHANONIWA」「KIMINONAWA。」. This gallery shows you the important stuff and document like as the proposal document, the storyboard, and the artistic background, the original movie picture, in addition, even each character’s impressive line in the movie and sales copy. You must want to be there if you are the fan of Director Mr. Makoto Shinkai. This gallery will be held in several places, so please check the date and place below.

■Koumimachikougen Art Museum (Nagano)

Sep, 2nd in (sat) ~ Oct 29th (sun) in 2017


Address : 5918-2, Toyosato, Koumimachi, Minami-Sakugun, Nagano

Access : Get on the Hokuriku-Shinkansen and change the line to Koumi line at 「Sakudaira station」and get off the train at「Koumi station」.

Come to 「Yahho-no-yu・Art museum」by bus or taxi.

■National New Art Museum (Tokyo・Roppongi)

Nov, 11th (sun) ~ Des, 18th (mon) in 2017


Address : 22-2, 7-Chome, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Access : About 5 min by walk from Tokyo metro Chiyoda line 「Nogizaka station」or Tokyo metro Hibiya line・Toei-Oedo line「Roppongi station」

■Sapporo Forest of Art Museum (Hokkaido)

Jan, 3rd (wed) ~ Feb, 25th (sun) in 2018


Address : 75-Banchi, 2-Chome, Geijutsuno-Mori, Minami-ku,Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Access : Get off the train at 「Makomanai station」on Subway Namboku line and take a bus to 「Geijutsuno-Mori Iriguchi」or「Geijutsuno-Mori senter」.

■Kita-Kyushushi Manga Museum (Fukuoka)

Jul, 21st (sat) ~ Sep, 24th (mon) in 2018


Address : 14-5, 2-Chome, Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka

Access : About 2 min by walk from JR 「Kokura station」