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Welcome to the food and nightlife of Japan! Find out, Read, and Explore all things related to things to do at night, food, drinks, and everything that makes the nightlife fun in Japan.

Suspending Bookings for May 2020 due to COVID-19

To protect the health and safety of our customers, local guides and our community, MagicalTrip decided to stop accepting new bookings for tours in May 2020. However, for those who already booked our tours for May by Mar 31st,2020(JST), we will provide the tour as scheduled. If you

Is it good or bad? Drinking after bathing or having a sauna

Usually I take a bath after going home, but I wonder if it’s ok to take a bath when coming home after having had some drinks outside. Therefore, I will show you the influence of having a bath or sauna after drinking, and what you should do. Taking a

You will be tempted to keep them! 6 Shochu with cute labels! (w/Photos)

source:NOMOO [] When you see some cute liquor bottles, don’t you feel like you want to grab them and look at them? Actually, there are shochu bottles, which even after you’ve finished drinking, you would want to keep

Do you know the actual reason of turning red after drinking alcohol?(w/Photos)

Source: [] There are people whose face turns red when they drink alcohol and t

Asked liquor specialist. How to enjoy "Healthy alcoholic beverage series" of Yomeishu at home. (w/Photos)

source: nomoo [] This time I'll tell you about herbal alcoholic beverage which I recommend to women or young people. I asked for a bartender who has been working for more than 40 years on "Simple arrangement that you can do at

Stop worrying with the hangovers! Instructions by type for easy understanding! Summary of effective food for hangovers. (w/Photos)

A hangover is an evil symptom, which occurs on the next day after drinking. It makes your fun previous night's fun experience to blow away in a second. There is no way you can work or study with terrible headache and stomach feeling so upset. This is a

You can't stop drinking! Summary of delicacies that are perfect for Japanese sake's snacks (w/Photos)

Hello sake lovers. When you are drinking, don't you feel like you want to eat many different kinds of snacks? Especially for delicacies, you will want to eat when you are drinking, and you will want to drink when you are eating them. In other words, they have