Tsukiji Market is always a busy place. In the early morning tuna auction starts and many tourists pay a visit and to buy fresh sea food. On the other hand, there is a quiet place inside the market. That is a shrine “水神社 Sui Jinja.” Official name is”魚河岸水神社Uogashi Sui Jinja”. It’s a small shrine. This shrine guards Tsukiji Market. People who work at Tsukiji Market call the venerable shrine “Suijin sama” just like a nickname.

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水神社(Sui Jinja)

The history of the Sui Jinja started from 1590. It began in Osaka where fishermen worshiped god for wishing large fisheries and maritime safety and descendants prosperity at fish market in Nihonbashi. The main shrine which worshiped god was built in Kanda-jinja near Akihabara during the meiji-period. The shrine which located in Tsukiji Market is a shrine which has moved from Nihonbashi Uogashi (fish market) after the Great Kantō earthquake for pray to god from distance.

Since after this moving, Uogashi Sui Jinja became a Guardian of Tsukiji and name “Sui Jin Sama” just like a nickname. The people who work at Tsukiji respect Sui Jinja. Sui Jinja is a guardian of Tsukiji Market for almost 100 years. Although it’s located in busy area Tsukiji, the place where shrine is blooming seasonal flowers and filled with peacefulness. The people always keep the shrine clean. You should visit Sui Jinja a guardian of Tsukiji loved by people and carefully kept.

Highlights of the Sui Jinja

Guardian of Tsukiji , loved by people and carefully kept

There is not a large ground nor a big festival at Sui Jinja. It’s located in Tsukiji Market and It’s has been keeping watching this area. The people who work at Tsukiji always respect to the Sui jinja

As a guardian of Tsukiji. You can feel bonds between human and god in Japan since from the old days.

Express Japanese faith at traditional shrine

The main shrine of Sui Jinja is in神田神社(Kanda Jinja). Every 5th of the month, comes shinto priesthood here and pray shinto rituals. Travelers also can join in and have an experience of Japanese traditional religious festival. Sui Jinja , guardian of Tsukiji. How about visit there and greeting the “Suijin sama”?

水神社(Sui Jinja/shrine) Detail

・Address Inside Tsukiji Market , Tsukiji Chūō-ku Tokyo


・How to reach(Subway・bus)

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line築地(Tsukiji) Station  from Exit.1  7-minute walk.

Toei Subway Oedo Line 築地市場(Tsukijishijō) Station from Exit A1 3-minute walk

・Time required Haneda/Narita Airport  and  Tokyo station

From Haneda Station about 40minutes

Keikyu-Airport Line<Limited Express / To Narita airport> 泉岳寺(Sengaku-ji )Station

Toei Asakusa Line <Limited Express / To Narita airport> 大門(Daimon) Station

Toei Ōedo Line<To Ryōgoku・ Asakusa> 築地市場 (Tsukijishijō) Station

From Narita Airport about 75minutes

Skyliner38go 日暮里(Nippori )Station

Yamanote Line 浜松町(Hamamatsuchō) Station

Toei Ōedo Line<To Ryōgoku・ Asakusa> 築地市場( Tsukijishijō )Station

From Tokyo Station about 20minutes

Keihin-Tōhoku Line Rapid<To Ōfuna> 浜松町(Hamamatsuchō )Station

Toei Ōedo Line<To Ryōgoku・ Asakusa> 築地市場 (Tsukijishijō) Station