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Hello, my name is Shoto! I’ve lived in and traveled many countries. Through the experiences, I saw a lot of different cultures and customs, and that made me realize how unique Japanese culture is.

Magical Trip's Bar Hopping Food Tour Overview: What's unique about each tour?

Big thanks to our guests! Magical Trip [] now rolled out bar hopping food tours in major cities and areas in Japan. For that reason, we sometimes get inquires about "uniqueness" among bar hopping food tours in different areas and cities. As mentioned in What&

Harajuku tour with Japanese college girls

Kawaii culture’s origin place Harajuku. There are many attractive spots to visit, fashion, culture, tasty foods and sightseeing. The numbers of shops are a lot so you might wonder where to visit. In such case, go Harajuku tour with Japanese girls’ university students. If you go with girls who

Foodie tour in Harajuku (w/Photos)

Fashion and subculture town Harajuku, they attract many tourists all over the world. Lately they are also famous for the birthplace for Japanese Kawaii culture. Even though they are well known for its pop culture, they also offer yummy food. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes, as well

Best 7 “Must see events” guide in Kyoto for March 2018 (w/Photos)

Especially Kyoto is a famous sightseeing location in Japan for tourists all over the world. You can feel traditional Japanese culture and history in this former capital city of Japan. You can enjoy visit temples, shrines, beautiful sceneries or enjoy delicious dishes. Let’s enjoy the events to be held

REN|Kabukicho Shinjuku best selection pick up spot (w/Photos)

From many countries, many people gather to Shinjuku sightseeing spots. Even at weekday, it is crowed. Not only at noon but also at night, there are many people at Shinjuku. There are many tavern, nightclub at Shinjuku and you can meet many people. At this article, we will introduce use

Best Karaoke in Shinjuku: Uta-Hiroba Shinjuku South Exit Main Building (w/Photos)

Shinjuku is best enjoyed at night. There are many Izakaya and bars open until morning, as well as nightclubs with exciting events and night shows that will keep you entertained through the night. You can also find many karaoke spots open all night long, which is one of the most

Pasela Shinjuku / Shinjuku 3chome Shinjuku best selection karaoke (w/Photos)

Shinjuku has many places to go at noon. But to enjoy Shinjuku, night time is also recommended. There are many tavern and bar open until morning. At night club, event and night show are held every day. Needless to say, Japanese entertainment Karaoke can be enjoyed at many places. At