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【special edition】Asked 40 years professional bartender. How to make delicious shochu and soda at home. (w/picture)

source: NOMOO In recent years, sugar-free shochu and soda is getting popular. Because of an increase in health consciousness and Chuhai (Shochu highball) market has expanded. This way you can easily drink shochu is also popular among young generations. You can easily enjoy shochu and soda at home. By the

Why do you become sleepy when you drink alcoholic beverage? I’ll explain you about the relationship between alcohol and sleep.

source: NOMOO [] Some people get sleepy when they drink alcoholic beverage and fall asleep in the shops or train stations. After drinking alcoholic beverage, sometimes become talkative or sometimes sleepy. It somehow strange. This time I’ll tell you about the reasons why become

Verified by liquor experts seriously! Which alcoholic beverage is taste good with baby-star?

source: nomoo [] Long-selling snack “baby-star” that most Japanese knows. Maybe some people eat it since they were children. This time we’ll compare baby-star compatibility with alcoholic beverage as “snack for adult” instead of “snack for kids”. Discussion by liquor experts seriously about baby-star…