Why do you become sleepy when you drink alcoholic beverage? I’ll explain you about the relationship between alcohol and sleep.

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Some people get sleepy when they drink alcoholic beverage and fall asleep in the shops or train stations. After drinking alcoholic beverage, sometimes become talkative or sometimes sleepy. It somehow strange. This time I’ll tell you about the reasons why become sleepy when you drink alcoholic beverage and the influence of nightcap.

Get sleepy after drinking alcoholic beverages because of alcohol

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Because alcoholic beverage contains ingredients that paralyze the brain called ethanol, drinking makes you sleepy. When you start drinking and only the cerebral cortex is paralyzed, the mood gets better or worse. Paralyzing up to the cerebellum, you‘ll get drunk. Furthermore, when the hippocampus paralyzes you become drunk and you cannot memorize.

Quickly become sleepy. Is that SOS from the liver?

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Beverages containing alcohol are decomposed in your liver. The fact that the condition of the brain paralyzed by the action of alcohol has come to occur with less amount of alcohol than before, means there is a possibility that the function of the liver is weaker than before.

The three reasons why nightcap is bad for your health

1. Become overweight

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When you drink alcoholic beverage, you want to eat more. When you drunk, you do not feel like refraining from overeating. As a result you might eat a lot. Besides while sleeping, energy consumption is low. So that calories that are not used become fat and you will be overweight.

2. Sleep quality is lowered

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When the alcohol concentration in the blood is low, there is a wakefulness action. As a result, when alcohol concentration in the blood decreases while sleeping, sleep becomes shallow due to arousal action. Deep non-REM sleep and shallow REM sleep are alternately repeated during sleep. However, when the non-REM sleep decreases, the brain does not rest well.

3. Become sleeplessness

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Alcohol is resistant, so the amount of nightcap increases. If a person who has a habit of nightcap stops, it happens that he/she can hardly sleep. Besides, because the deep non-REM sleep that has become a sleeping pattern with little sleep, the brain does not rest well

In order not to get sleepy even if you drink alcohol

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I will tell you the way not get sleepy, for those who get easily sleepy when you drink alcohol.
However, becoming sleepy is a physiological phenomenon. So please understand that it cannot cope perfectly.

Important points are "to drink moderately water" and "to drink slowly". Aware of these points, it’s important to keep in mind in relation to the speed of spreading alcohol in your body. Those who get drunk easily and become sleepy should take these points in consideration before drinking.

Stop the habit of drinking a lot of nightcap otherwise you might become alcoholism or lifestyle diseases. A small amount of liquor has a relaxing effect, for enjoyment. So don’t drink nightcap and enjoy alcoholic beverage a little and over the long term.