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I'm Yasuhiro, a founder of MagicalTrip. My hometown is Shibuya, Tokyo so I know corner to corner about Shibuya and its close areas: Roppongi, Shinjuku and Ebisu. Hope you get ideas from my articles!

Kyoto Food Guide: Top Foods You Should Eat

Kyoto was formally the capital of Japan. Here in this food guide, we break down the top foods you should try in Kyoto. Discover and enjoy learning the best foods that Kyoto has to offer.

46 Things You Must Know about Izakaya & Yokocho Alleys in Tokyo

All you Need to Know to Elevate your Izakaya & Yokocho Alley Tokyo Nightlife Experience As a Tokyo local, I will firmly state that if you want to enjoy Tokyo’s night you cannot avoid Izakaya and Yokocho alleys. Izakaya is the best place to enjoy tasty Japanese dishes and

Top 5 foods you should try: Osaka Food Guide (w/Photos)

The number one question we always get is: "What foods do you recommend us to eat?". We thought we should make a list of the most popular foods in Osaka, with a couple of restaurant recommendations to help you out. Here they are, in no particular order: 1.