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I'm Yasuhiro, a founder of MagicalTrip. My hometown is Shibuya, Tokyo so I know corner to corner about Shibuya and its close areas: Roppongi, Shinjuku and Ebisu. Hope you get ideas from my articles!

Top 8 Recommended Ramen Shops in Shibuya

Discover Shibuya's top ramen spots in 2024! From iconic Ichiran to hidden gems like Kokuu, savor diverse flavors. After slurping, join a bar tour for the full Shibuya experience. A ramen lover's paradise awaits!

9 Popular Ramen Shops in Tokyo

Discover Tokyo's best ramen 2024! From classic tonkotsu to innovative veggie blends, explore top shops in Shinjuku, Shibuya & Ikebukuro. Savor unique flavors & styles in Japan's ramen capital.

Tokyo: Sushi Event Information

Experience Tokyo's sushi scene in 2024! From the Sea Delicacy Festival to the World Sushi Cup, enjoy diverse events. Don't miss the Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum and unique sushi-themed hotel stays. A must for sushi lovers!

Essential for Japanese Cuisine! What is Dashimaki-tamago?

Dashimaki-tamago: A beloved Japanese rolled egg dish made with dashi broth. Fluffy, flavorful, and essential in Japanese cuisine. Learn its varieties, ingredients, and basic cooking steps. A must-try for tourists!

"Sushi" - A Representative of Japanese Cuisine: What is Sabazushi? Introducing Famous Restaurants

Discover Sabazushi, Kyoto's iconic mackerel sushi. Enjoy this delicacy at traditional shops in Kyoto or creative eateries in Tokyo. A perfect blend of fatty fish and tangy rice, Sabazushi offers a unique taste of Japan.

Kids-Friendly Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo: 7 Top Picks for Family Fun

Tokyo offers kid-friendly sushi experiences! From fishing at Zauo to hands-on classes at Tsukiji Tamasushi, plus fun conveyor belt spots like Sushiro and Kura Sushi. Delicious adventures await families!

Late-Night Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo! Introducing 24-Hour Establishments as Well

Discover Tokyo's vibrant late-night sushi scene! From 24-hour spots to high-end restaurants open till dawn, enjoy fresh sushi anytime. Perfect for tourists seeking authentic Japanese cuisine after dark.