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Ramen | What to Eat in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is a touristic place famous for Senso-ji Temple. There are many tourists from Japan and foreign countries. They come not only for those touristic places but also for delicious local Asakusa food such as tendon, una-ju, soba and ramen. In this article, we will show you “Ramen-tei” and “Yoroiya”

Top 3 Recommended Bar and Izakaya dishes in Tokyo「Japanese Dishes Series」 (w/Photos)

Izakaya is Japanese local style and reasonable restaurant that allow you to have a good dishes while drinking Sake. The dishes served in Izakaya is cooked to go well with Sake. So we must enjoy good dishes and Sake at the same time. Today, we will introduce more about 「Washoku(

Must-Have “Shime-no-Ramen” at Tokyo’s Izakaya & Bars (w/Photos)

There are times you get hungry after drinking some alcohol, and it is called “Shime” the last meal you have after drinking. Ramen is typically chosen as “shime” food in Japan, while for some foreigners are pizza or hamburgers. Other than ramen, there are other typical dishes such as ocha-zuke,

Experience “Shime” in Tokyo’s bar and pub Izakaya (w/Photos)

In Japanese culture, it is a custom to eat carbohydrates after drinking alcohol. This custom would be called “Shime” Shime means the end. What’s Shime menu like? If you wan to experience Shime, you shall read about it a bit before, so your experience would be much better one.

10 Best Must-See Events in Tokyo, November 2017 (w/Photos)

In November many events are held in Tokyo. In these events you can experience Traditional Japanese culture, satisfy yourself with wonderful cuisines and indulge yourself in fine arts, to mention a few. In this issue we introduce 10 best events. Let’s enjoy Tokyo in November! Traditional Festivals 1. The

Unique ramen in Tokyo ~Cheese on ramen~ (w/Photos)

Ramen is a popular Japanese dish among people all over the world. There are many different types of soup bases and toppings in Japanese ramen. Almost all of the ramen lovers have their favorite flavor after trying lots of different ramen. However, the ramen we are going to introduce today

Best Ramen Shops in Tokyo - Handpicked by a Japanese Ramen Freak (w/Photos)

Ramen Noodle is now a famous cuisine representing Japan. Among all the competitive cities, Tokyo is a battleground for ramen. Ramen shops cannot survive with just good ramen. Only “excellent” ramen with hidden recipes by the locals can win. Ichiran and Ippudo Ramen are well-know and have been leading shops