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Top 8 Recommended Ramen Shops in Shibuya

Discover Shibuya's top ramen spots in 2024! From iconic Ichiran to hidden gems like Kokuu, savor diverse flavors. After slurping, join a bar tour for the full Shibuya experience. A ramen lover's paradise awaits!

9 Popular Ramen Shops in Tokyo

Discover Tokyo's best ramen 2024! From classic tonkotsu to innovative veggie blends, explore top shops in Shinjuku, Shibuya & Ikebukuro. Savor unique flavors & styles in Japan's ramen capital.

7 Recommended Ramen Shops in Shinjuku: Your Guide to the Best Ramen in Shinjuku 2024

Discover Shinjuku's best ramen in 2024! From spicy tonkotsu to delicate seafood broths, explore 7 top shops offering unique flavors. Experience Japan's evolving ramen culture in Tokyo's bustling heart.

6 Best Ramen Shops in Ueno for 2024

Discover Ueno's best ramen in 2024! From duck-based delights to spicy miso and Taiwan-style mazesoba, these 6 shops offer unique flavors. Experience Tokyo's culinary scene like a local!

Shibuya: "Ichiran", a famous tonkotsu ramen shop

Explore Shibuya's iconic spots, anime locations, and vibrant food scene. Discover popular ramen shops in this must-visit Tokyo area, bustling day and night.

Ramen | What to Eat in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is a touristic place famous for Senso-ji Temple. There are many tourists from Japan and foreign countries. They come not only for those touristic places but also for delicious local Asakusa food such as tendon, una-ju, soba and ramen. In this article, we will show you “Ramen-tei” and “Yoroiya”

Top 3 Recommended Bar and Izakaya dishes in Tokyo「Japanese Dishes Series」 (w/Photos)

Izakaya is Japanese local style and reasonable restaurant that allow you to have a good dishes while drinking Sake. The dishes served in Izakaya is cooked to go well with Sake. So we must enjoy good dishes and Sake at the same time. Today, we will introduce more about 「Washoku(