Big thanks to our guests! Magical Trip now rolled out bar hopping food tours in major cities and areas in Japan. For that reason, we sometimes get inquires about "uniqueness" among bar hopping food tours in different areas and cities. As mentioned in What's MagicalTrip Bar Hopping Tour?, we strive for consistency and originality to make our tours unique from other food or night tours offered by other companies. Now let me clarify what's unique about each bar hopping food tour to help you get an idea of what's the best suited tour for you!

Each Bar Hopping Food Tour has a main theme and concepts

We provide several bar hopping tours in Tokyo, and one in Osaka and Kyoto at this moment. Let me clear what you can experience from each tour. Each tour has unique concepts and atmosphere. Hope this helps you to make the most out of our bar hopping tours in advance!

Shinjuku Bar Hopping Tour(Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour in Shinjuku)

Discover the hidden food alleys of Tokyo

What's unique about Shinjuku Bar Hopping?

  • Bar-hop through hidden alleys and bars in Shinjuku
  • Explore Kabukicho, a lively red-light district where locals hang out after work
  • Taste typical Japanese Izakaya foods like yakitori and Japanese style fried chicken with local drinks

Venturing into the oldest food alley in Shinjuku

Although Shinjuku is famous for being the busiest station and a business district, it also has other faces such as many drinking spots and red light district at night.

Washing down succulent yakitori skewers with cold local beer

In this tour, we start at the historical food alley called Omoide yokocho. We'll introduce you to izakaya culture and have traditional izakaya dishes and drinks.

Soaking up the atmosphere of the lively food alley

After the izakaya introduction, we'll move to Kabukicho where more local people gather at night to have a drink, there, we will enjoy some more Japanese food in with different atmosphere. At last, we visit a standing bar and try another drink!

You can book Shinjuku Bar Hopping on our site!

Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour

Taste All Kinds of Japanese Meat in One Place

What's unique about Shibuya Bar Hopping?

  • High quality Niku Sushi, Teppan-yaki at izakaya bars with reasonable prices
  • Bar Hop in the giant inside alley named Meat Alley in the most futuristic town
  • Experience busy, entertaining, and chaotic Shibuya cityscape while barhopping

Shibuya is where Japanese fashion and food trends start and it's obvious if you walk around this town because of the countless number of shops and restaurants.

Meat Sushi - you can only eat here!

On this tour, we take you to local places inside Shibuya where you can try many kinds of Japanese meats.

One of the highlights of this tour is eating and drinking in the giant indoor food alley named "Shibuya Meat Alley" in Shibuya. You'll see so many tiny izakaya bars on the same floor. Even for Japanese people, it is often hard to find a good place to eat and drink in Shibuya, but don’t worry, our friendly local guide will lead you to awesome places!
You can book Shibuya Bar Hopping on our website!

Asakusa Foodie Tour

Experience do-it-yourself local food cooking in Izakaya

What's unique about Asakusa Foodie Tour?

  • Experience and learn how to cook Monja-yaki
    * Monja-yaki is a type of Japanese traditional street food originated from Tokyo
  • See the different sides of Asakusa after dark by visiting lighten up Senso-ji
  • Try unique drinks like Hoppy and Denki Bland in the Hoppy Street

Stolling through atmospheric Senso-ji at night

Asakusa is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo, but few people know the brightness of night side in Asakusa. Asakusa becomes a good drinking spot at night.

Enjoy cooking Monja-yaki with everyone!

In this tour, we take you to 3 different types of bars. At the first bar, we go to Okonomiyaki and Monja Izakaya where we can actually cook and eat them.

Feasting your eyes on the colourful izakaya street

After that, we move to the hoppy street where many people drink reasonably every night.

At last, we take you a local bar on the oldest underground shopping street and have a cold Japanese sake! You can book Asakusa Foodie Tour on our website!

Osaka Bar Hopping Food Tour

Get a Taste of Osaka's Finest Local Foods

What's unique about Osaka Bar Hopping?

  • Try all the finest Osaka's local foods such as kushiage, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki at our recommended bars
  • Enjoy walking through the famous streets of Osaka
  • Sense Osaka's lively & friendly atmosphere with people who are likely to hang out and drink at the izakayas every night

Exploring dotonbori at night

Osaka was given the name "Kitchen of Japan". It means that Osaka has many variety local foods and its quality is good!

Taste Kushiage

In this tour, we go through main and back street of Namba and try many local foods such as kushiage, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, among others. The city scape is gorgeous, you can feel the authentic Osaka atmosphere while walking and barhopping! You can book Osaka Bar Hopping online!

Kyoto Bar Hopping Food Tour

Hidden & Deep Local Izakaya Bars and Tasting Handpicked Authentic Kyoto Food

Going deeper in Ponto-cho after dark

  • Travel deeper in the backstreets of Kyoto where each izakaya represents different Japanese eras such as: Edo, Showa, and Heisei (current)
  • Kyoto Izakaya often don't often take first timers and some tourists refrain from entering because of the closed doors, so our guide will take you to our handpicked Kyoto's izakaya
  • Try Obanzai (small dishes with Kyoto's vegetable)

Try finest Obanzai

Kyoto is truly authentic Japan. Just by walking, you can feel the ancient times of Japan, but to experience it fully you've got to immerse yourself in Kyoto's food and izakaya culture as well.

The streets and architecture in Kyoto evoke a longing feeling for old times because of their traditional design and atmosphere. Kyoto's cuisine can be said to be simple in taste but sophisticated at the same time, compared to other places of Japan.
Through this tour, you can try many kinds of Kyoto style dishes and drinks. Be prepared to try delicious food! You can book Kyoto Bar Hopping online!