Japanese Tropical Island Okinawa, where you can enjoy peaceful time surrounded by nature. The island sits on beautiful coral reef that welcome you with an outstanding view. This touristy island attracts people from all over the world.  There are small islands around the main one; each island has own uniqueness to attracts tourists. Moreover, they host local events that are great things for tourists. You can read about few of recommended ones.

Sports event

1. 33rd Naha marathon  2017.12.3

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In 1985, it was 25th anniversary year for Naha city to become a sister city with city of Honolulu.  So they started this marathon to honor that.

Every year about twenty thousand runners take a part in this race. It became a one of famous full marathon races in Japan. Every year a lot of runners share their sweat and emotional journeys.

The running course includes Showa Memorial Park, Nahashi, Haebarucho, Yaesecho Itomanshi and Tomigusukushi, they are all in south part of island. Why don’t you come and watch this tropical island full marathon and give cheer for runners.

You can not enter the race for this year since the dead line for register passed. However you can always observe the race and give the runner some encouragements and supports. While you do some sightseeing, you can maybe stop by for a short cheering?


Date: 2017.12.3.(sun)

Time: 9:00 start

Access & address

From Airport 20 min by Karayui Rail

・Address: Higashimachi, Naha, Okinawa Japan


Price & reservation

Runner entry: 6500yen for adult 5000yen for under 18 and over 65.

Entry via internet from 5th of June to 23rd of June. (in case of oversubscribe, it would be lottery.)

Observation free

No booking for observing

Official site


Modern art event

2. Okinawa Children Land Christmas Fantasy’17-2017.12.22~29.


Okinawa Children Land is an amusement park with a zoo and a museum. You can see about 150 different spices including local animals like Ryukyuko.

Every year at this park, there is an illumination display festival. They use about one million four hundred thousand light balls to light up the park. Also, they have a sound and laser display show and stage show programs.

The main program, “Light, Thunder, Fire works, Super Aurora Attraction” would be powered up this year. In this tropical island, they offer snow related attraction section “Yuki Hiroba”: snow shows, an igloo experience, and snowman making. They have Santa’s grotto as well as a creepy zombie experience. You must check them out.


Date: 2017.12.22.~29

Time: 16:30~21:30

Access & address

Okinawa Mirai Zone (Okinawa Kodomono Kuni)  Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan

From Naha airport, Karayui Rail, to Naha Bus terminal. Take no23 bus to Nakano cho, walk 15 min.

From Naha Airport, express bus to Nago terminal about 1 hour

・Address:  5-7-1, goya okinawashi okinawaken,


Price & reservation

You need to pay an entrance fee

adult 2200 yen

4 to 7 years old 1200yen

advance tickets are available

no need of advance booking

Official site


Traditional Festival

3. Shuri Kannon Do Joyano Kane-2017.12.31

Shuri Castle was the center of Ryukyu Kingdom. Their Japanese and Chinese mixed influenced architecture would have great historical and cultural value.  In December 2000, the castle was register as world heritage site.

The vermillion coloured castle is proof of their power once existed.  It’s a symbol of Okinawa.

At Kannon Do (Buddhist temple) in the castle, at the end of the year on the New Years Eve, they do JoyanoKane. Temple’s bell would be stroked for 108 times over the new year eve thorough new year) Members of public can participate in striking the bell. By striking the bell, you leave bad luck from the year you had and wish for good luck for the year to come. They offer Yushi Dofu, (soft tofu) to people who come to the temple. If you are around over the holiday season, you shall come and participate in this tradition.


Date: 12.31.~1.1

Access & address

Shuri Kannon Do, Naha, Okinawa

From Naha airport, Karayui Rail to Shuri station 15 min walk

Naha airport Karayui rail about 1 hour

・Address: 3-1 shuriyamagawacho nahashi, okinawaken,


Price & reservation


No need of booking

Official site