Best 9 must attend events in Tokai area November 2017

There are many seasonal events taking place all over Japan. Especially, Tokai area where there are few famous sightseeing spots: Atami and Nagoya, you can enjoy beautiful autumn nature scenery with coloured leaves.

In this article, you can read about popular events in November around Toukai area, if you are visiting this area in this month, this article would be great read!

Historical and cultural experience event

1. 【Shizuoka】Autumn Atami Seaside Fireworks Display  2017.11.12.

Source: Japan Highlights Travel

Autumn Atami Seaside Fireworks Display is taking place Atami bay, Atami, Shizuoka.

This fireworks display is special because you can feel as if you are in a big stadium watching it. Atami bay is surrounded by mountains therefore, all the sound of explosions echo which add more dynamic to the whole experience.

Obviously, the fireworks would be incredible. Daikuuchunaiagara is the most beautiful one thus you shall not miss it.

Daikuuchunaiagara would be the last one to go up in the air; you would know it by the night sky turning white for a second.

If you are in Atami in November, you should watch this display.


  • date:11.12(sun)

※ Autumn Atami Seaside Fireworks Display is happening year around, if you want to see other dates apart from November, please check them on official website.

  • time:8:20pm~8:45pm

Access & address

  • venue:Atami Bay Shinsui park
  • time from nearest station:from Atami station 13 min walk
  • time from main station:from Shizuoka station: take Toukaido Sanyo Shinkansen Hikari about 40 min / From Tokyo Station take Toukaido Sanyo Shinkansen Hikari and bus, then walk 1 min.
  • address:shizuokaken atamishi nagisachojisaki shinsuikoen
  • map

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:there are paying seating area which is 1000yen. You can book it in advance.
  • booking:you do not need to make booking in advance.

Official site

Nature observation event

2. 【Shizuoka】Autumn Festa – 2017.9.30~11.5

Source: flickr

Autumn Festa is taking place at Hamanako garden park, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

The main focus of this event would be the flower display of Cosmos. There are three different sections: Hanahiroba, Hana Bijutsuka and KokusaiTeien. You can see different types of flower Cosmos in each section.

You would not want to miss Hanahiroba because you can see colourful display of four hundred thousand Cosmos.

If you see this display from the observation point of the park, you can see this display is actually a giant flower picture as well. You shall visit the observation point to do so.

At Hananobijutsukan, you can walk thorough an arch made by Cosmos. At Kokusaiteien, you can hop on to a cruise ship to see flowers.

You can enjoy Cosmos in many different ways that is what this event all about.


  • date:9.30(sat)~11.5(sun)
  • time:8:30am~17:00pm

Access & address

    • venue:Hamanako Garden Park
  • time from nearest station:from JRToukaidou honsen bentenjima station, 13 min drive
  • time from main station:from Shizuoka station take Toukaido Sanyo Shinkansen Hikari about 20 min, at Hamamatsu station, change to JR Toukaidouhonsen about 12 min
  • address:shizuokaken, hamamatsushi, nishiku, murakushicho 5475-1
  • map

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free
  • booking:booking is not necessary

Official site

3. 【Shizuoka】sunflowers at Genjinosato – 2017. Middle of Octorber~middle of November

Source: アトリエ ふじのくに

Genjinosato in Fukuroi, Shizuoka, Japan, you can see sunflowers in autumn.

Genjinosato used to be rice fields, but they were not in operation for while. Fukuroi council renovated the area in order to bring more tourists.

Genjinosato is about 3 hectare; about one million sunflowers are planted there. The reason they are blooming during autumn would be that they plant them during summer. Flowers are much smaller than summer sunflowers but their gorgeous blooming are still enjoyable to.

Their sunflowers are not all ordinary. One is Teddy Bear which looks like dandelion and another one is Moulin Rouge whose petal is black.

It’s quite spectacular to be surrounded by so many sunflowers in a large open space. You shall visit the place and experience Japanese autumn feeling.


  • best time to visit: Middle of October ~ middle of November
  • opening:anytime flowers are blooming

Access & address

  • venue:Genjinosato field of sunflower
  • time from nearest station:from Fukuroi station, 20 min drive
  • time from main station:from Shizuoka station take Toukaido Sanyo ShinkansenKodama, about 16 min, at Kakegawa station change to Toukaidou honsen about 8 min
  • address:shizuokaken, fukuroishi, tomonaga 1061
  • map

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free
  • booking:booking is not necessary

Official site

4. 【Shizuoka】Autumn leaves at Myoujinkyo – 2017. Middle of October~end of November

Source: NAVER まとめ

At the valley Myoujinkyo, Tenryu, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, you can see change of autumn leaves. This is one of the best places to see autumn leaves in Japan.

The valley Myoujinkyo is located between Harunomachikatsusaka and Ketawawa. It’s a river valley and there are huge rocks around. The leaves are coming out on top of them.

This Myoujinkyo autumn leaves create breath-taking sight, giving out beautiful vivid colours that stop you from walking away. The upper part of the river and the lower part would are different colours that would make this more special place to visit.

Myoujinkyo is must visit place during this season, it gives different views to enjoy in a single visit.


  • best time to visit: End of October to end of November
  • opening:you can visit them when they are in season

Access & address

  • venue:Myoujinkyo
  • access:from Shintoumei, Hamamatsu, kita I.C or Shintoumei, morikakegawa I.C about 75 min drive
  • address:shizuokaken, hamamatsushi, tenryukuharunocho, toyokakatsusaka
  • map:

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:fee
  • booking:booking is not necessary

Official site


5. 【Shizuoka】Autumn leaves at Umegashima hot spring – 2017. end of October to beginning of December

Source: 梅ヶ島温泉公式サイト

Umegashima hot spring is in Aoi, Shizuoka, Shizuoka. This hidden gem hot spring offers great autumn leave sight as Myoujinkyo.

There are many waterfalls around Umegashima hot spring. Abenoohtaki and Sandannotaki are the most famous amongst them.  Abenoohtaki is one of the well-known waterfalls in Japan. Sandannotaki has three levels of waterfall, they are known for its beauty.

Those waterfalls become more astonishing sites to visit with autumn leaves around them to add bright colours. You can drive around your car to enjoy from your car.


  • best time to visit : end of October~beginning of December
  • opening:you can visit then they are in season

Access & address

  • venue:Umegashima hot spring
  • time from nearest station:take bus Umegashima hot spring and get off Umegashima hot spring
  • time from main station :from Shizuoka station about 105 min by bus
  • address:shizuokaken, shizuokashi, aoiku, umegashima
  • map:

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free
  • booking:no need to make booking

Official site

6. 【Shizuoka】Autumn leaves at Mt Fuji skyline – 2017. end of October~end of November

Mt Fuji skyline is a name of road that takes you to entrance point to climb Mt Fuji.

This is 26 km road and it has a wide range of altitude from 600m to 2400m. There are Japanese larches trees and maple trees along side of the road. They are conifer trees and known for its beauty of their autumn leaves.

Surely you can see Mt Fuji from the road, the view of this iconic mountain with autumn leaves is something very special. You can enjoy this from you car by driving just like Umegashima hot spring.


  • best time to visit: End of October~beginning of November
  • opening:anytime when they are in season

Access & address

  • venue:Mt Fuji skyline
  • time from nearest station:from Gotemba station Kendo 23 and Kendo 152 about 30 min drive
  • time from main station:from Shizuoka station take JR Toukaido honsen about 52 min, get off at Numazu station to JR Gotemba sen about 34 min
  • address:shizuokaken, fujinomiyashi, awakura
  • map:

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free
  • booking:no booking necessary

Official site


Sports event

7. 【愛知】Handa city marathon sponsored by 80th anniversary Handa City and 90th anniversary of Tachishin: 2017 – 2017.11.5

Source: はんだシティマラソン2017公式

Handa city marathon is taking place in Handa, Aichi, Japan.

This marathon started 35 years ago as Handa shimin marathon. But this year makes 80th anniversary year Handa city so they rename as Handa city marathon.

This marathon is very unique because runners are allowed to dress up in costumes. You can see many runners with interesting outfits.

The audience would cheer runners by putting on red groves.  If you go to a specific area, you can high five runners which is a unique experience.

Handa city marathon offers a bit of audience participation that makes it an interesting sports event you shall visit.


  • date:11.5(sun)
  • time:9:00am~2:00pm

Access & address

  • venue :handaundokoenrikujokyogijo
  • time from nearest station:from Chitahanda station take bus Nichiitayama abut 15 min then walk about 20 min.
  • time from main station:Nagoya station take Meitetsu Nagoyahonsen about 46min
  • address:aichiken, handashi, ikedacho 3-1-1
  • map:

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free
  • booking:booking not necessary

Official site

Modern art event

8. 【Shizuoka】Hikarinosumika Tokinosumika illumination- 2017.10.28~2018.3.21

Source: Tokinosumika

Tokinosumika resort is located in Gotenbakougen, Gotenba, Shizuoka, Japan. The resort has a hot spring and hotels.

This resort has a special illumination event during autumn season, which is called Hikarinosumika Tokinosumika illumination.

This illumination is the most popular amongst others in Shizuoka. Every year they have different theme. This year’s theme would be “feeling the elegance”

The three illuminations you shall see

1 – light tunnel: tunnel with jewels imitation lighting

2 – rainbow hikarira: fairy tale theme illumination on large free

3 – King’s palace hill: royal palace theme illumination with fountain show

You shall visit all sections of illumination, to see the difference!


  • date:10.28(sat)~2018.3.21(wed)
  • opening:4:30pm~10:00pm

Access & address

      • venue:Gotenbakougen  Tokinosumika
  • time from nearest station:from Mishima/Gotenba/Susono station free shuttle bus 25 min
  • from main station: - Mishima station:from shizuoka station take Toukaidou Sanyo Shinkansen Hikari about 8 min
  • Gotenba station:Shizuoka station take JR Toukaido honsen about 52 min then change at Numazu station to JR Gotenba sen about 34 min
  • Susono station:Shizuoka station take JR Toukaido honsen about 52 min then change at Numazu station to JR Gotenba sen12 min
  • address:shizuokaken, gotembashi, kamiyama719
  • map:

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free (but there is paying area, contact for more details )
  • booking:no booking necessary

Official site

Family event

9. 【Shizuoka】Entetsu train festa -2017.11.4

Entetsu train festa is an event sponsored by train company Enshutetsudo in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Japan

This is a much-loved event by kids. Visitors can be train drivers, or train cleaners and they can actually do some real work experience. You can collect some stamps and get a gift from Enshutetsudo.

Moreover, there is a pre-event, Train festa chokuzen event. You visit Shinhamamatsu. Hikuma and Nishikajima station and collect stamps. Then you would get a chance do a lucky dip at the actual event and could get a present.

If you are travelling with children, you shall attend this pre-event. You can enjoy the actual event much more.


  • date:11.4(sat)
  • time:11:00am~3:00pm
  • event:Pre event - date:10.21(sat)、22(sun)、28(sat)、29(sun)
  • time:9:00am~6:00pm
  • important information: You need to get Akaden 1 day travel card and a stamp card in order to collect stamps at Shinhamamatsu, Hikuma, and Nishikashima station.

Access & address

      • venue :Enshutetsudou, Nishikashima station train depot
  • time from nearest statin:few second away from Enshutetsudou, Nishikashima station
  • time from main station :from Shizuoka station take JR Shinkansen Hikari 19 min, at Hamamatsu station change to Enshutetsudou about 33 min.
  • address:shizuokaken, hamamatsushi, tenryuku, futamatacho, minamikajima 67-1
  • map:

Price & booking

  • entrance fee:free
  • booking:no need of booking

Official site


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