Explanation: We are going to introduce The Saba-no Heshiko in this article. This traditional dishes could be preserved for long time and represented as the Best Nibbles for Sake. You can have a great harmony when you have it while drinking Sake. In addition, it also goes well with rice. You could have it not only as the nibbles for Sake, as side dish with various main dishes. Saba-no Heshiko would be the best dish to experience Japanese traditional taste.

What is The Saba-no Heshiko??

What is The Saba-no Heshiko??

「Saba-no Heshiko」is the Fukui’s specialty that made of salted Mackerel in the race-bran paste (Nuka-zuke). Heshiko was born in the middle of Edo era, and has been had as the food that could be preserved for long time. The origin is from the act of pushing the fishes in the barrel. 「Heshiko」is the Ainu language and it means「preserve the water」. So some people say Heshiko is from this Ainu language. Saba-no Heshiko is made once a year. It takes over 10 months to make it aged in Nuka-zuke from autumn to winter.

In addition, Heshiko has a lot of plant lactobacillus as a plant nutrition because it is the fermented food same as Natto and Miso-shiru. Currently it is nominated as「One of the Best 100 Specialty for Farming Villages And Fishing Villages」. 「Saba-no Heshiko」is the best specialty for your health.

How to Enjoy Saba-no Heshiko

How to Enjoy Saba-no Heshiko

Saba-no Heshiko has various enjoyable ways. The typical way is having with Sake. Heshiko goes very well with Sake. It would be said「The Best Nibbles for Sake」. In addition, Heshiko would taste much better with rice.

You should have it little by little to enjoy its best. Sake with Heshiko is awesome and totally different from other dishes.

Besides, you can have Heshiko as raw fish. Thus, Saba-no Heshiko has a various way to enjoy like as Gift, Nibble and Raw Fish. Each tastes would waiting for you.

The Place Where You can Purchase Saba-no Heshiko.

The Place Where You can Purchase Saba-no Heshiko.

Heshiko made in Tamuracho also adopts the process of leaving Heshiko out for half year. There are 3 ways of tasting of Heshiko like as「Raw Heshiko」,「Grilled Heshiko」,「Heshiko with Rice in Green Tea」.

Especially, Raw Heshiko could be had with Vinegar and Soy sauce and goes very well with Sake. The recipe is as simple as just washing Heshiko with water and cutting it into slices. Grilled Heshiko could be had with Rice in Green Tea depending on the recipe.

You should select Saba-no Heshiko for gift if you want to experience this 300-year tradition.

Shop Name: Tamuracho Inc.

Address:14 Hiromine, Obama, Obama-shi, Fukui 〒917-8580


Official Website:https://www.tamuracho.co.jp/

Access: About 6 min walk from Obama Station

It takes 3h and 9 min from Osaka Station to Fukui Prefecture.