In north side of Japan - Hokkaido has various popular events. Since Hokkaido has lower temperature than other district in Japan. So we can enjoy Marathon and clam digging with feeling cool even in summer season. Let’s fully enjoy Hokkaido that has late spring.

Sports Event

1. The 38th Chitose JAL Marathon - June 3rd in 2018


The 38th Chitose JAL Marathon is held in Chitose that is located in east-south side of the biggest city in Hokkaido - Sapporo. This Marathon event is held in every year. The runner starts from Aoba park located close to the Chitose city sports center. The almost all course is surrounded by the forest. So we can enjoy running with full of nature. It feels so fresh! The runner head for the 42 km away goal from the starting point Chitose sports center. We can also choose the kinds of sports such as 10 km or full marathon. The full marathon can be available for older than high school students. Let’s join the full marathon if you want to enjoy running with full of nature.


・Date and time
June 3rd in 2018
Entry time
June 2nd / 14:00〜17:00
June 3rd / 7:00〜8:30

・Each events schedule
Half marathon / 9:30〜
3km / 9:50〜
3km Family Marathon / 10:00〜
Full marathon / 10:20〜
10km marathon / 12:30〜

Access & Address

Chitose city sports center dinax arena
15 min by shuttle bus from Chitose station
About 30 min by train and shuttle bus from New Chitose Airport

176-2, Shinmachi, Chitose-shi Hokkaido 〒066-0046

####Price & Reservation

Full Marathon Adult 6000 yen, High school students 1800 yen
Half Marathon Adult 5000 yen, High school students 1800 yen
10km Adult 3300 yen Junior high school・High school students 1800 yen
3km Adult 3100 yen, Elementary school, Junior high school, High school students 1800 yen
3km Family 1 adult and 1 child 3800 yen
3km Family 1 adult and 2 children or 2 adults and 1 child 4800 yen

Reserve by RUNTES (Online entry) or transfer paper

Official website

Nature Event

2.Higashimokoto Shibasakura Park Shibasakura Festival  - May 3rd 〜 June 3rd in 2018


The cherry blooms all around the park. It is the Higashimokoto Shibasakura festival. This Shibasakura field is ranked one of the hugest Sakura spot in Japan. When we look around from the observatory on the top of mountain, we could find out how huge the field is. When the night comes, the cherry tree will be illuminated and fireworks are launched up. Though this event will be held only from May 20th to 22nd, the night cherry shows us dream-like atmosphere. It’s different beauty from that of daytime. Enjoy watching fireworks with beautiful view is unique entertainment to Hokkaido. In addition, we can enjoy eating pink and cheese ice cream. Let’s go to Shibasakura Park to see beautiful cherry blossom.


・Date and time
May 3rd 〜 June 3rd in 2018 / 8:00〜17:00

・Each event’s schedule
May 3rd
9:00 〜 Shibasakura Opening
9:00 〜 12:00 Child festival

May 20th 〜 22nd
19:00 〜 Illumination
20:30 fireworks

Access & Address

Higashimokoto Shibasakura Park

・Closest station’s name, the required time and transportation from closest station.

50 min by taxi and bus from Abashiri station.

・Terminal station’s name, rough required time from terminal station.

About 40 min by car from Memanbetsu airport

393, Higashimokoto Suehiro, Osora-cho, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido


Price & Reservation

Entrance fee 500 yen
No need to reserve.

Official Website

The event that we can enjoy with our children

3.Odaito clam digging festival - Saturday and Sunday in early May 〜 middle of June in 2018



This is clam digging festival held in Odaito Camp space located in the west coast in Hokkaido. The fishing is basically prohibited in the camp space, but it’s specially allowed only in this event. You can enjoy digging Asari clam without any limit so you would have full of bucket. Asari has a habit of laying spawn in spring and autumn season. Since the period of ebb tide will be the longest in spring, it’s the best season to clam digging. But the camp space is not accessible by bus and train. So we need to take a taxi though it’s not cheap. We should bring boots.


・Date and time
May 3rd、June 16th / 10:30〜12:30
May 4th、May 19th、June 2nd、June 17th / 11:00〜13:00
May 12th / 12:00〜14:00
June 3rd / 11:30〜13:30

・Each event’s schedule

Access & Address

Fureai Camp Space Beach, Odaito, Betsukai-cho, Hokkaido

・Closest station’s name, the required time and transportation from closest station.
Just nearby Odaito Fureai Camp Space but stop

・Terminal station’s name, rough required time from terminal station.

About 2 hour by car from Memanbetsu Airport

66, Odaito Misaki-cho, Betsukai-cho, Hokkaido


Price & Reservation

Child 200 yen
Adult 300 yen
1 Bucket 1200 yen
Kumade rental 100 yen

No need to reserve.

Official Website

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