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Best3 Festivals & Events in Hokkaido, July,2018 (w/Photos)

Hokkaido is located in the northern most part of Japan. As such, it stays cool during summer, so it’s a good place to escape the heat. Hokkaido offers a variety of fun activities – during winter, visitors can ski or try other winter sports. Hokkaido is known for fresh seafood

Best 3 Festivals & Events in Hokkaido,June,2018 (w/Photos)

In north side of Japan - Hokkaido has various popular events. Since Hokkaido has lower temperature than other district in Japan. So we can enjoy Marathon and clam digging with feeling cool even in summer season. Let’s fully enjoy Hokkaido that has late spring. Sports Event 1. The 38th Chitose

Best 3 Event Guide to Must-See Events in Hokkaido April 2018 (w/Photos)

Hokkaido is located in the most northern part of Japan. As such, it’s a great place to escape the heat in the summer. During the winter, you can ski or try other winter sports. Hokkaido is also known for having great food, including fresh seafood, and cities like Hakodate

The 3 Best Popular Event Guide in Hokkaido – May in 2018 (w/Photos)

The north side of Japan, Hokkaido has lower temperature than other area, and the cherry will be blooming finally in May. In such Hokkaido, many events are crowdedly held in May. This time, we will introduce 3 popular events that make us feel the spring. These are Hanami, Japanese traditional

Top 5 Must-See Events in Hokkaido February 2018 (w/Photos)

We would like to introduce events that are unique to Hokkaido, where temperatures plunge below zero and snow mounds high. In Hokkaido, visitors can go see ice statues made from the plentiful snow or revel in beautiful installations featuring snow and candles. Alternatively, visitors can soak in hot springs, born

Recommended Best 7 Events Guide in Hokkaido Jan. 2018 (w/Photos)

Hokkaido is very popular among a lot of travelers from not only Japan nationals but also foreigners. There are lots of sightseeing spots such as great landscape of huge snow mountain in Shiretoko, seasonal and various kinds of flowers like Lavender in Furano, and metropolis city like Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru,

Best 7 Hot Events in Hokkaido in December (w/Photos)

Hokkaido has a lot of sightseeing spots and also many events that unique to the snowy winter season. Today, we will introduce 7 best exciting and impressive events that could be experienced only in winter season of Hokkaido. Some make you feel culture and history of Hokkaido, and some make