Fukui prefecture borders on the Sea of Japan. You can feel beautiful nature scenery there. The gift can be bought in Fukui is those unique things that from the beautiful sea and nature. You might be unable to decide which one to choose.  Now we are going to introduce the 10 best gift in Fukui. We hope you check below and have the best gift for your good memory in Fukui.



Habutaemochi is one of the representative Japanese-style confectionery in Fukui. Habutaemochi is made by putting the sugar and syrup into the dust of rice cake and get steamed. It is cut into bite-size and the texture is very soft.

The name Habutaemochi is from「Habutae-ori」. Habutae-ori is traditional silk fabric. Habutaemochi is made to make this Habutae-ori more famous and popular.

It’s good to have when it’s at normal temperature. It is tasteful to feel Fukui’s traditional culture by having the Habutaemochi.

Place to purchase

Shop Name : Muranakakansendo

Address : 1-21-24, Chuo, Fukui-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0776-22-4152

Official Website : http://www.kansendo.com/

Access : About 8 min by walk from Fukui station on JR Fukui line / Fukui-tetsudo Fukui line.



Echizen-soba is one of the local dishes in Fukui. It is common that they put spring onions, dried bonito, and a radish-grater on it when they eat it. So it is also called 「Echizen-Oroshi-Soba」from the way.

Echizen-soba is made by bit different way from ordinary one. When we cook the ordinary Soba, we usually use the dust of soba made from it’s seeds. But Echizen-soba needs even the shells around the seeds. So the soba tend to be bark color and get tastier. If you like soba, please try Echizen-soba.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Echizen-soba no sato

Address : 7-37, Makara-cho, Echizen-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0778-22-0272

Official Website : http://www.echizensoba.co.jp/index.html

Access : About 15 min by taxi or bus from Takehu station on Hokuriku-honsen.

※You need to get on the bus bound for Washinosato station at Takehu bus station.



Mizuyoukan is very famous Japanese-style confectionery can be had all over Japan. But the Mizuyoukan in Fukui has the characteristic that it tend to be lightly sweetened. So Mizuyoukan is popular as a healthy dessert. The texture is smooth and tender.

It is common to use wooden spoon to eat Mizuyoukan in Fukui. Why don’t you try and enjoy having Mizuyoukan in the Fukui’s style.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Egawa

Address : 3-6-14, Terute, Fukui-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0776-22-4952

Official Website : http://www.egawanomizuyoukan.com/

Access : About 10 min by walk from Fukudaimae-nishifukui station on Echizen-tetsudo-mikuniawara line.



Sabano-heshiko is Fukui’s traditional dishes. 「Heshiko」is the fish marinated with salt and bran. So Sabano-heshiko is Saba marinated with salt and bran. It is popular as preserved food in Fukui.

Sabano-heshiko can be have with no cooking, or with rice. But it is versatile food and can be used in pasta. Since Sabano-heshiko is salty, it can work like as anchovy. It is good to use Sabano-heshiko pasta instead of anchovy pasta.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Tamuracho

Address : 14, Ohama-hiromine, Ohama-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0770-52-0310

Official website : https://www.tamuracho.co.jp/

Access : 7 min walk from Ohama station on JR Ohama line.


Source: 銘菓処笑福堂

Satsukigase-senbei is known as confection of Fukui. It is made in old sweets shop in Fukui named「Satsukigase」. It has awarded the best gold prize by Monde selection in 2014.

Satsukigase-senbei has a characteristic that high quality peanuts is included in the Senbei. It is baked slowly in the stone oven and get the good flavor and sweetness of peanuts. Please try this standard-sweets-gift of Fukui, Satukigase-senbei.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Satsukigase Kagamiya-ekimaeten

Address : 1-2-8, chuo, Fukui-shi, Fukui

TEL: 0776-22-5561

Official website : http://www.satsukigase.co.jp/

Access : 1 min walk from west exit of JR Fukui station.

6.Hakkutsu Baum

Hakkutsu Baum
Source: ふくいドットコム

Hakkutsu Baum is Baumkuchen popular as a good tourism gift. It is called Baumkuchen, but it looks bit different from the one we usually find in the town.

Hakkutsu Baum shapes square and rectangle. It is way to show the pattern of Baumkuchen clearly and use it to resemble the stratum. The dinosaur illustration is burned on it.

The reason of this dinosaur illustration is that Fukui has「Fukui Dinosaur Museum」. Hakkutsu Baum was created to promote this museum. Why don’t you purchase this Hakkutsu Baum and dig your own dinosaur inside of the Baumkuchen.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Okashidokoro-Maruokaya

Address : 18-18, 2-chome, Haruyama, Fukui-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0776-22-5394

Official website : http://maruokaya.theshop.jp/

Access : About 7 min walk from Jinai-Joshikoukou station on Fukuitetsudo-Fukubu line.



Wakasa-karei (flounder) is one of the Ohama-city’s speciality products. The flounder caught in Wakasa-Bay has been valued the best of flounder and know as the luxury food as good as being dedicated to the imperial Household every year.

The common way of cook Wakasa-karei is drying overnight and seasoned with salt after being caught. It is very simple way but refined sweetness is come from that. It’s also good to bake a little when you eat it. Wakasa-karei is essential product to enjoy the speciality of Fukui.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Tamuracho

Address : 14, Ohama-hiromine, Ohama-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0770-52-0310

Official website : https://www.tamuracho.co.jp/

Access : 7 min walk from Ohama station on JR Ohama line.



Speaking of the local products in Fukui, almost all people could easily talk about「Echizen-gani」. Echizen-gani is the kind of Zuwai-gani, it is the crab known as a luxury food.

Echizen-gani is caught in 4 fishing port includes Echizen port. The Echizen-gani caught in these port has black insects on their shells. This black incest is said that they live only in the place where those delicious crabs grow up. This is the evidence of that Echizen-gani is luxury food.

Echizen-gani can be ate by steamed, boiled, in other several ways. Hope you try it.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Echizen-kaninobou

Address : 1-16, Mikunimachiyado, Sakai-shii, Fukui

TEL : 0776-82-3925

Official website : http://www.bouyourou.co.jp/kaninobou/

Access : 1 min walk from Mikuniko station on Echizen tetsudo line.



Eihei temple is also tourist spot in Fukui. This temple has the one of the Buddhism, Soto religion, and built in about 750 years ago in Kamakura period. The monks there used to have this Gomadofu as a vegetarian dish. This is the origin.

Gomadofu is a kind of the Tofu made from Gum and Arrowroot. It is popular among Japanese people as the food we can enjoy deep flavor of gum. The common way of have it is using sweet soy sauce. If you interested in the vegetarian food, you should try.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Dansuke

Address : 24-8, Aratani, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui

TEL : 0776-63-3020

Official website : http://www.dansuke.co.jp/top/index.php

Access : Get on the「Eiheiji liner」at JR Fukui station and get off at Dansukehontenmae, and 1 min by walk.


Source: I’M IN LA

Inehorori is the cookie made from the Koshihikari, the Fukui’s famous rice. It reproduces the 「Okoge」. Okoge is the scorched rice on furnace when we cook rice in it. Okoge has a good flavor and many Japanese love it.

Inehorori is lightly fried to bring out Koshihikari’s flavor. You can enjoy the different texture from Zenmochi’s one. It is recommendable to the person who want to feel the flavor of rice.

Place to purchase

Shop name : Seiyougashi Club PRISM Fukui

Address : 1-25, 1-chome, Chuo, Fukui-shi, Fukui

TEL : 0776-27-1201

Official website : http://seiyogashiclub.com/home/items/koshihikari.html

Access : Directly connected to JR Fukui station