Let me introduce you the Suwa Lake which could be seen in the film “Your Name”. The Suwa Lake in Suwa city, Gifu, Japan is rumored to be the model of the lake you saw in the film because geological similarities. Itomori is a factual place; however, you can enjoy beautiful natural surroundings near this lake as you would see in the film.

Your Name –location Suwa Lake

Your Name’s Itomori

Your Name’s Itomamoru

The lake can be seen several times thorough out the film. Especially it would be memorable towards the end of the film. Two main characters are on the way to an old annex, the lake is shown beautifully. It would be also important part because the comet is nearly there to destroy the town.  It would be called Kataware Time, which comes with clear orange colour sky.

highlights of Suwa Lane

highlights of Suwa Lane

The Suwa Lake is in Suwa city which is next to Shiga city in Japan. You may know that Shiga city itself was used as the model of the Itomori. The area actual lake is quite large, it’s surrounded by mountains so you can see the clear change of four seasons. Every September, 40,000 fireworks go off in the air near the lake as the traditional fireworks display. During the cold winter season, the surface of the lake would be frozen. Cracks can be seen on the frozen surface depending on the weather condition. (it is called Omiwatari) This natural occurring has been believed to be an omen of an agricultural disaster. So people started to have a special ceremony. (it is called Miwatarishinnji) This 600 years old ceremony is protected by a traditional culture perseveration program. If you want to see the whole lake, you should go to the Tateishi Park.  You can see the same view as you would see it in the film when you go there at Kataware time (dusk). If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the night sky filled with stars and breath-taking sunrise.