Introducing the Spots of “Your Name” Keta-Wakamiya Shrine

I will introduce “Keta-Wakamiya shrine, one of the stages of “Your Name”. Keta-Wakamiya Shrine is a place where Taki and the others visited when they went to the town of Hida to look for Mitsuha. It is told to be one of a models of Mitsuha’s house, Miyamizu shrine. Keta-Wakamiya shrine is a historical shrine that is told to be build thousand years ago.

”Your Name” Spot, Keta-Wakamiya Shrine

Keta-Wakamiya Shrine in “Your Name”

Keta-Wakamiya Shrine in “Your Name”

Takiand Okuda-senpai, the scene to go to the sledding town to find a friend of three (Tsukasa) and three leaves, It appeared on a scene when Taki, Okuda, and Taki’s friend went to town of Itomori to look for Mitsuha, and on a scene to ask residents where is the place while showing the picture painted. In addition, it is said that the model of Mitsuha’s house is a combination of Keta-Wakamiya shrine and Hidasan-nougu Hie shrine.

Highlights of Keta-Wakamiya Shrine

Highlights of Keta-Wakamiya Shrine

Keta-Wakamiya shrine is located in Furukawa of Hida city, Gifu Prefecture, which is supposed to be a model of the town of Itomori that Mitsuha lives in the movie “Your Name”. It is said that it has been around for 1000 years, but its history is so old that no one knows its origins or what is enshrined. It is famous for “Furukawa Festival” held in April every year in this shrine and it is registered as “UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage”, which only 33 traditional Japanese festivals are registered. 3 things, a line of “Mikoshi” famous in Japan’s shrine festival, “Okoshi-Daiko” that used to be beaten as a sign of the start of the festival and lavishly decorated luxurious offerings “Food Street Cruising” are held as huge performance by hundreds of men wearing costumes for festivals. It is an important event to show the spring is here in the snowy Hida town.

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