Is this really Japanese sake? It is unique while tasting fabulous! Check out the "taxi driver"! (w/Photos)

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Hello everyone. Are you drinking unique sake? For those who have never had it, there is a drink we would think you should definitely give a try.
That is the "taxi driver" made by Kikuzakari Brewer in Iwate Prefecture.

What's "taxi driver"?

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We would assume there are many people who are not familiar with this sake, so let us give you a brief explanation.

The name is written in a horizontal line while in most cases, it is displayed vertically.

Taxi driver was made with a concept of "horizontal writing" and "enjoyed warm."

The label is a design of Yoshiki Takahashi, a popular designer who is known for having created posters of the movie Kill bill. This is Japanese sake, which is completed crafted in Iwate Prefecture.

Taxi driver is a Junmai Genshu from Iwate Prefecture where all ingredients including sake rice and yeast are made from the same prefecture.

It is Japanese sake with rich umami!
It is characterized by its abundant taste, a powerful richness and a deep flavor, which is perfect for sake during a meal pairing well even with delicious dishes or snacks that have a stronger flavor.

I drank "taxi driver"

So, let's not go into further explanations, and just try this sake.

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If you put it on the table, you will see that the label makes quite an unforgettable impact.
It is very impressive to see. Let's pour it in a glass.

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You can taste the heavenly umami as it enters your mouth with the very first drink. Even after drinking, the fragrant and rich umami remains in your mouth and will make you say "it's so good."

I am currently drinking without having any snacks, but it excites me just thinking about which snacks to choose to accompany this sake. Personally, I think that taxi drivers will pair well with strong flavored dishes or snacks such as grilled meat and fried foods.

Besides, it would be delicious even if you accompany it with a dinner or enjoy it warm.

It makes me wanting to drink it even just thinking about the sake. Despite having a unique name and its wonderful taste, taxi driver is still not widely known.

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It is such a shame that so many do not know this wonderful tasting sake.
Do not miss trying it when you find taxi driver.

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