“Kimono” is Japanese traditional wear from ancient times and national radical wear. Recently, the beauty and fashionably is evaluated from all over the world and has Manu fans from abroad. Same as European national radical wear, it has been becoming rare to wear daily. Even though, it is currently used as official wear for coming-of-age ceremony and wedding party and be loved by Japanese. From ladies fashionable Furisode to men’s profound Haorihakama, casual modern designed Yukata. Kimono has many kinds and different among seasons and scenes. It is very attractive wear.

What is kimono?

There is “Kimono”, as one of the traditional culture in Japan. About 400 years ago, it has been familiar with Japan. The origin of kimono goes back to 1000 years ago and has long history. Recently, people wear at the special life event such as wedding ceremony, “Shichigosan”, the event to wish child’s growth, coming-of-age ceremony, to celebrate becoming 20 year old.

Kimono is often worn casually. There are also kimono succeeded from parents and grandparents, sold as traditional craft.   It is Japanese original deep wear.

Let’s get to know about kimono more!

The attractiveness of kimono

At a glance, people recognize the gorgeousness and beauties of “kimono” as Japanese traditional national radical wear. Kimono has colorful beautiful textile with detailed pattern. Just looking is beautiful but if you were it, it will be much attractive.

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History of kimono

Kimono has been developed together with Japanese history. The origin of kimono was born 1300 years ago. It has been developed since then.  It is not worn daily now, but let’s take a look of the history, loved not only in Japan but also at all over the world.

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Connection between modern Japan and kimono

Modern Japanese rarely wear kimono daily. Even though, just after newly born and praying for health and growth, at new year, official celebration party, at tea party, at summer festival, people wear kimono as traditional culture.

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Types of kimono and scenes to wear

“Kimono” has many types. It depends on the situation. For commencement party, for new graduates party, which are formal scenes.  For more casual scenes. for semi formal party, for summer.

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Kimono’s materials and patterns

Even with the same pattern of kimono, you can differentiate seasons and coordinate. Talking about materials, silk is for formal scenes.  Hemp and wool are for casual scenes. There are also many variations of drawing patterns. Suitable flowers and grasses are drawn based on seasons.

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Where can you experience Kimono?

If you are coming to Japan, kimono experience is what you should never miss!
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