①Kimono is a Japanese traditional national clothes. It’s also called “Wafuku”, which literally means “Japanese clothes”. You put on bathrobe-like “Nagagi” and be dressed with an about 30-centimeter-long broad sash called “Obi”. It used to be worn as regular clothes in old Japan, but nowadays, Japanese people usually wear them only at special cerebration events as their Sunday best. With rental Kimono service, you can rent it and also can go out wearing Kimono. How about use this popular service and go sightseeing?

You can see more information about rental Kimono at “What is Kimono? Japanese traditional clothes Kimono“!

Let’s Rent a Kimono in Kyoto!

You can’t miss “Gion and Kawaramachi” area if you want to enjoy rental Kimono in Kyoto. This are is famous for “Yasaka-jinja shrine” that deifies a god who heal illnesses and real geisha girls who sing Japanese traditional songs and show traditional dancing. This area has been prosperous since Heian-era (the year around 800). And so you can still see many historical and traditional buildings called “Kyouya-machi”. Some are renovated into cafes where you can take a light meal. How about wondering around this historical town wearing Kimono? The photo you take would be a good memory of Japan.

Reservation Is Recommended to Rent a Kimono in Kyoto

Kyoto 1 Day Kimono Rental – Wargo Kyoto Tower Shop

This is 1-day plan in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu. It costs you 3200 yen and all necessities such as “Juban”(underwear), “Hakimono”(shoes) and 6 other stuffs are included. With a reservation, you can visit the shop empty-handed. You can also choose your favorite Kimono and “Kanzashi”(a long ornamental hairpin). Professional Kimono teachers will help you putting on them. After enjoying Kyoto with Kimono, Just don’t forget to return them 30 minutes before the shop closes.

Link to the Plan