Hi! In this series of posts we introduce you a little bit about each guide.
At Magical Trip, we think our guides are of most importance. They make our tours come alive! In today's post: meet Kei.

Tell me a bit about yourself


How many languages can you speak?
2 languages, Japanese & English.

What's favorite show/anime of all time?
I love "Party People Championship"

Have you visited any foreign countries? If not, which would you like to visit and why?
I have been to 13 countries. I love Thailand and Vietnam.

Do you have any international friends?
I have many international friends. My best friend is Korean and Vietnamese.


What's your favorite Japanese Food?
My favorite Japanese food is Tonkatsu.

What's your favorite Japanese candy/snack/junk food?
Pizza potato!

About being a MagicalTrip tour guide

What's the most attractive thing about being a guide?
Everyday I can have a party with many amazing guests.


My motivation is my guests smiles.

What motivates you to do your best in this job?
My motivation is my guests smiles.

About the MagicalTrip Bar Hopping Tour

What do you enjoy the most about the tours you guide?
I love drinking with my guests and share our experience.

What are the things that customers are most surprised about Japan?
They surprised that we can smoke inside Izakaya and restaurants.

What's the craziest thing that happened in on of the tours?
We do "Catch the wave" game (That is kind of bottom's up game) and everyone got drunk a lot.

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Kei's travel tips

Deeto Shimasenka?

Can you teach some fun Japanese phrases?
Deeto Shimasenka? (Shall we date?)


Can you give some advice to our future customers?
We will never make you get bored so have a blast!!

Why should people join this tour?
You can discover Japan more and meet many nice people in this tour.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to meet more fun Japanese guides like Kei, join one of our food tours.