We will introduce another works of Director Mr. Shinkai Makoto who made the movie 「KIMINONAWA。」Of course, the movie「KIMINONAWA。」was a great hit, but his another movies are also classics. So if you have not watched his these movies, we will show you the charms of them.

Introduction of Limited Anime Exhibition Includes the Movie**「KIMINONAWA。」**

About the Makoto Shinkai’s Exhibition.

About the Makoto Shinkai’s Exhibition.

「Makoto Shinkai Gallery」is held to commemorate his 15th anniversary of debut. You can see his most remarkable characteristic of works that is the extremely delicate way of scenery description and the process of story-making. There are 6 movies exhibition,「HOSHINOKOE」,「Kumono-mukou, Yakusokuno-basho (Over the cloud, The place where we made a promise)」,「Byosoku 5km」,「KOTONOHANONIWA」,「KIMINONAWA。」. This gallery also shows you the important stuff and document like as the proposal document, the storyboard, and the artistic background, the original movie picture. It will be held on between Nov, 11th ~ Dec, 18th in 2017 at Roppongi New National Art Museum. Here is the café where Taki and senior Okudera made a date together in the movie 「KIMINONAWA。」And this gallery is going to travel to several art museum in Japan.

The Director of Anime Movie, Mr. Makoto Shinkai.

About Mr. Makoto Shinkai.

About Mr. Makoto Shinkai.


He made his debut as a movie director with「HOSHINOKOE」in 2002. The Suwa lake where the stony meteorite fall in the movie 「KIMINONAWA」is in his birthplace, Nagano. He had had interest in SF and universe since his childhood. He had worked for a game-making company as a sales-copy writer. He also has a talent not only for movie making, but also for novel writing and lyric writing and illustrating. In addition, he got awards for all 6 movies. It could be said that he is the anime movie director who go down in history of anime movie.

The previous movies before「KIMINONAWA。」

The previous movies before「KIMINONAWA。」

  • HOSHINOKOE(The Voice of Stars)

It is the short anime story for 25 min and the director Shinkai’s debut movie that he ended up direction, scenario, photography, and editing, almost everything for his self. The stage is the future of Japan. The main character is boy and girl of junior high school students who like each other. Actually he is the member of Space Command and he has to go to the universe after the graduation. They keep in touch each other by E-mail after they are separated. But his reply is gradually getting later… this is SF movie but also sentimental love story.

  • Kumono-mukou, Yakusokuno-basho (Over the cloud, the place where we made a promise)

This is his first long anime movie released in 2004. The stage is Japan separated into north and south by the war. The main character of 3 junior high school students are get interested in the huge mysterious wall that stands in the border of the 2 worlds. They make a promise that they go over the wall someday, but one of them has disappear suddenly. The movie describes the paroral world that like 「if it had been ○○」.

  • Byosoku 5cm (5cm a Second)

This movie is released in 2007 and it made Makoto Shinkai famous in Japan. It includes 3 short story and each describes the main character’s love story. Each characters feelings of anxious about their futures and missing their pasts they could never be back are crossing in the movie. The movie title「5cm a Second」means the speed of falling cherry petal. This movie story consists only of the reality matters, does not include any SF elements like in the movie「KIMINONAWA」.

  • HOSHIWOOUKODOMO (The Child Chasing the Stars)

It is said that he spent about 2 years to make this movie. It is rare case among the movies that Shinkai worked for, it consists of many action scene. The main character has lost his father in his childhood and live with his mother helping her every day. One day, he loses a boy who helped him. On the other hand, his school teacher has also lost her husband and has researched the world after death. They head to the underground city where they could get the method that bring the dead people back. But what they found there is….

This is the movie that make us think of life and death.

  • KOTONOHANONIWA (The Voice Garden)

This is the movie released in 2013 describes the gloomy but beautiful atmosphere in rainy day and the lonesome of each person by the way so called Shinkai world.

The high school boy Takao who dreams of becoming a shoemaker skips the class always in rainy day and think of the shoe design in the garden. One day, he happened to meet Yukino who is enjoying chocolate and beer in the morning time and they gradually become attracted to each other by talking day by day….  This is the movie describes the sentimental love story comes from Shinkai’s own experiences and the scenery from one of the oldest collection of Japanese poetry「Manyoushu」.

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