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Best3 Festivals & Events in Hokkaido, July,2018 (w/Photos)

Hokkaido is located in the northern most part of Japan. As such, it stays cool during summer, so it’s a good place to escape the heat. Hokkaido offers a variety of fun activities – during winter, visitors can ski or try other winter sports. Hokkaido is known for fresh seafood

Best 7 Hot Events in Hokkaido in December (w/Photos)

Hokkaido has a lot of sightseeing spots and also many events that unique to the snowy winter season. Today, we will introduce 7 best exciting and impressive events that could be experienced only in winter season of Hokkaido. Some make you feel culture and history of Hokkaido, and some make

Best 7 Exciting Events in Hokkaido! – September 2017 (w/Photos)

Hokkaido Shinkansen having been completed, it has now better access from Tohoku. Why not go a little further from Tohoku and to Hokkaido? In Hokkaido there are many places of interest with the magnificent nature, but in this issue we will introduce fireworks, sport events, food event etc. Let’s

Best 10 Must-see hot events Guide in Hokkaido for September 2017 (w/Photos)

In Hokkaido, various events are always being held somewhere. Now is the time to show you some of the hottest events going on in September. Many of them are child friendly, so why not join the fun with the whole family? 1. Toya Lake Longrun Fireworks Show 4/28~10/

Best 6 Must-see hot events Guide in Hokkaido, July 2017 (w/Photos)

Must-see hot events held in Hokkaido for July, 2017 brought to you by MagicalTrip staff. We highlight the best events for anyone visiting Hokkaido in June, 2017 and wondering what to do. Plan a trip around the various traditional events held in Hokkaido in July, 2017. There are also lots